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Famous Five - Birch Lake - Busy at Birch Lake!

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Regulars that fish Birch will notice some major work on the far margin tree-line opposite the swims has been completed ready for the 2015 season. Regulars will know that in several spots on the far bank we have allowed the overhanging trees to spread out up to several meters over the lake to provide cover for the carp. However it was obvious last season that some of these trees had really come out too far, and some were in danger of falling into the lake and in the process taking much of the bankside with them. On the advice of our tree surgeon, Anthony, we have removed a number of the overhanging trees making the far bank much more accessible to the angler whilst at the same time still preserving the unique Birch atmosphere. We think this work will make the fishing easier as it will encourage the carp to move around the whole lake more rather than have them sitting tight to the far bank as they have tended to do in recent seasons. Another bonus is the lake will now get more wind on it and for the benefit of our many lady visitors to Birch more prolonged sunshine!

Posted by Paul Selman on 03/02/2015 10:38 Categories : Famous Five - Birch Lake