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Christmas Message

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from

What a fantastic year it's been, with record numbers of PB's being caught with results getting better and better as the season went on. This year saw the most amount of 60's and 70's being banked, well done to all those who managed their personal best, whether that was your first French 20lb'er or 10th French 60lb'er…..Yes, a customer breached this mega milestone in October this year!

We have welcomed back a record number a repeat customers during 2013 and 2014 is set to do the same, it just goes to show that quality venues with quality Carp mixed with quality service will always be in demand.

We will look forward to talking with all those we already know and to all those we will get to know as they choose to fish one of our waters in 2014.

Enjoy the festive period and have a fantastic New Year.


Posted by David Gordon on 27/12/2013 12:56 Categories : Update, The Latest

Le Moulin du Mee - Frosty mornings and sunny days.

This morning we awoke to find a very heavy frost covering the ground and a thin sheet of ice covering much of the lakes. The past few days have usually started cold and frosty but by the time we have completed breakfast the sun will have risen and conditions become quite mild once more. This time of year see’s a real contrast between the sunny area’s where the air feels almost balmy to the shady area’s where the frost will remain all day and the air temperature barely gets above freezing. Today should see the final chapter of the ‘great Home Bank clearance’ when the section between ‘Zippies Pit’ and the dining area will be completed. Every day for the past week has seen Lottie and I cutting down tree’s, brush cutting unwanted undergrowth and keeping the huge bonfires well stocked with fuel. Hard work, but very satisfying, and a task that our regulars will appreciate when the season opens in just a couple of months time. It is not all about cutting back but also a time when we will be planting a selection of new tree’s that will offer a welcome variety from the rampant hawthorn and crack willow that clothe the banks at the moment. Just as we do, tree’s have a limited life span and so many of ours are reaching the time when some serious surgery is needed to keep them in good health (a bit like me in fact !!). Today we have another 10 new tree’s and a sack of bulbs to plant as well as a good few hours of general mayhem as I clear the last of the ‘dead wood’.

The lake is far from quiet these days and along with the striking pike we are seeing the odd boil of what can only be big carp. I suspect that they are feasting on this years fry that we can see in big shoals along the dam. The fry really have a torrid time in the early days of winter with the carp and pike preying on them from below and the grebes, shag, terns and kingfishers raiding them from above. It will be just the lucky few that will survive to see spring but they do provide a wonderful natural larder for both the fish and the waterfowl to see them through winter. The egrets and heron are to be seen sparsely around the main lake but are in great numbers at Poppy’s lake. Why this should be I cannot fathom but yesterday we had at least a dozen egrets on Poppy’s along with numerous heron and a flock of tern. The kingfishers are now back in force on both lakes and it is a welcome sight to see them flitting around as we work along the banks. Sadly, once the lakes freeze over we will lose them, along with the rest of the water birds, for a few weeks as they turn to the many rivers and streams for food. It is at this time that a walk around the lake can seem so silent that your footsteps crunching on the frosty ground will be the only sounds heard. Anyway, we are piling in the food for the carp whilst conditions allow and yesterday put 100 kilo of cooked maize into Poppy’s lake and this morning will put the same amount into the main lake. Already we are looking to ordering pellet and boilies ready for the spring so that the carp will be in great shape by the time our first anglers arrive.

We have lowered the water level in the main lake by a couple of feet (as we do each winter) so that we can better work around the bank and each day I search the margins for any sign of ‘Saddleback’. It is a real enigma how she has just vanished and although I do feel that she has died I have yet to find any sign of her having done so. Perhaps she will turn up in the spring, in one way or another, but I would love to find that she is alive and kicking. We will live in hope !!

Whilst Lottie and I are enjoying ourselves around the lakes Jimmy is busily clearing the area next to the old barn where we hope to be building the new shower block for the anglers. Once again a task that seemed to be one that would be completed in just a day or so is proving to be far more complicated especially when you find that the plans of the property do not match up with the one’s that the council have ! We are now having to employ a surveyor to establish exactly where our boundary lies. Jimmy has also been busy clearing the attic of the cottage in readiness for having plans drawn up for the conversion. Another task, that Jimmy is sharing with Sophie, is the clearing of the cellar where the intention is to develop the area into a shop. Besides bait and end tackle the plans are to have a selection of snacks and drinks available of the anglers. Jimmy really has got his work cut out to complete this project on time as all the beams need replacing (woodworm and death watch beetle have destroyed the existing one’s) and the floor needs raising with drainage under to avoid flooding when the rains come. Good luck lad is what I say !!!

Lots going on at LMDM and I will update you on developments over the next week or so. Happy days !

Posted by David Gordon on 10/12/2013 11:34 Categories : Le Moulin du Mee, Weather

Poplars Lake - Top-Up Stocking

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Every year we add a few thirties to increase the percentage of 30lb plus carp in Poplars Lake, which produced a best of 42lb last season and where many anglers banked new pb carp and cats to over 100lb. Last week we introduced three new mirrors, two at 32lbs and a real looker at 36lb plus. We will be adding one or two more thirty plus carp soon in readiness for the 2014 season so that every other fish hooked should hopefully be a 30lb plus in Poplars next year.

Posted by Paul Selman on 05/12/2013 10:25 Categories : Poplars Lake, New Stock

Birch Lake - Top-Up Stocking

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Every year we add a few thirties to increase the percentage of 30lb plus carp in Birch Lake, which is very popular and produced a best of 43lb last season. Last week we introduced two new mirrors of 30lbs and 33lbs, and two commons of 31lbs and a real stunner at 36lb plus. We hope to add one or two more thirty plus carp soon in readiness for the 2014 season.

Posted by Paul Selman on 01/12/2013 18:18 Categories : Birch Lake, New Stock