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Famous Five - Poplars Lake - John's Mystery Moggie!

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John Rushton from Rhyl, North Wales, caught a monster cat from Poplars Lake on his recent visit - but we have no idea of what it weighed!

On his second visit to the complex, John, fishing with his dad, had already landed several carp up to a new personal best of 29lbs, when he landed a new pb cat of 58lb cat which nearly bottomed-out the 60lb scales he had with him.

I sensed that at some point he would bank a bigger one by the end of the week so lent him a further two sets of scales I found in the bait shed - one set weighed up to 22kg (48lb) the other set went up to 30lb. I told him if he caught a bigger one to use all three sets, sort of back-to-back with his 60lb scales. Not 100% accurate, but it would give him some idea of weight. I could not lend him my own big scales because I was fishing a friend's private lake nearby so I might have needed them myself!

A couple of nights later something very big picked up John's bait of half a tin of luncheon meat and, after an hours protracted fight, landed a real beast of a fish. He and his dad hoisted the big cat onto the weigh tripod using all three sets of scales - and it bottomed all three!!

If you add 60lb plus 48lb plus 22lb you get 130lb which would set a new record for Poplars and also the complex record, beating the previous best of 120lb, and it may have been even bigger than that. But how accurate is this method of weighing?

In the end we have had to settle on 'weight unknown', which is a tad unsatisfying,  but it takes nothing away from John's achievement of landing such a big cat on standard carp gear.

How big do you think it is? Judge for yourself by looking at the pictures on here.

In my opinion it is over 100lb, but sadly, that is just an opinion!


Posted by Paul Selman on 24/07/2013 11:21 Categories : Famous Five - Poplars Lake, The Latest