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Etang Rendezvous - w/c 18 May 2013

Again the weather was unsettled – sun and showers with a NE wind. Air temperature ranged between 15c – 18c and the water temperature started out at 16c but gradually dropped throughout the week.

Total weight of fish caught this week was 2,819, which consisted of the following:

Carp – the best of which came in at 42lb 7oz and the rest were 6x15lb+, 17x20lb+, 22x25lb+, 22x30lb+, 3x40lb+ and three single figure carp which were removed to the stock pond.

Cats – best catch of the week weighed in at 95lb+ followed by 85lb+, 69lb+, 2x65lb+, 50lb+, 40lb+, 31lb+, 22lb+ and four kittens under 20lb.

Grass Carp – 1x23lb+.

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Moorlands Fisheries - A beauty..

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A quieter week as far as total captures goes but the lower numbers of forties was made up for by the capture of two sixties at 63lb 0oz and 61lb 13oz.
I don't think the anglers involved will mind me saying that a couple of them were more interested in the relaxing holiday than working too hard in the awful weather that we have continued to receive. The water has risen again and the water temperature has dropped to 11 degrees so it is way below the norm for this time of year.
Some musings about the last couple of weeks have made me realise that the fish are now turning, more and more, onto the big beds of pellet and boilies and this should also produce even higher weights. It is also disappointing to realise that "Benign" was prevented from being our third different sixty by having to tow the rig around for a few weeks. During that time she would have been unlikely to have fed properly and the extra 1lb 8oz that she needed to break the 60lb barrier would have easily been achieved.
Anyway, back to the recent action and Chris Bloy had worked hard and moved around to track down the fish so it was very fitting that he should have received a bite while completing his packing this morning. A strong, thirty minute battle resulted in The Half Linear resting in his net and at 61lb 13oz, slightly down on her last capture but I don't think the those few ounces would be worrying Chris. Well angled mate and well deserved

Posted by David Gordon on 29/05/2013 13:02 Categories : Moorlands Fisheries, The Latest

Saint Amand Leisure - Chris Westley & Paul Baldock Film

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The lads despite the rain managed to get some great filming and both beat their PB’s (well done lads) with some really special captures on film including the Brown fish (37lb) , Floppy tail (46lb4oz), Dougal (41lb), Paul’s Angel (31lb), and lots of other fish to 37lb their total for the week was over 80 fish between the 2 of them. The 1st part of the film will be available for viewing in a few weeks on Youtube and will no doubt show just how incredible the fishing at St Amand really is for those of you who are unfamiliar with this special venue. Watch this space.....................

Posted by Chris Shobowale on 26/05/2013 19:26 Categories : Saint Amand Leisure, The Latest

Etang Rendezvous - w/c 11 May 2013

Weather unsettled. Air temp max 17c with a NE wind with a water temp of max 18c.

Three anglers in total, none of which fished nights at all. Nonetheless, they managed to catch a total weight of 2,506lb+ between them with the best cat and carp going to the same angler weighing a combined total of 162lb

Carp – best catch of the week was a 58lb common and the rest were 9x15lb+, 7x20lb+, 10x25lb+, 12x30lb+, 5x35lb+ and 2x40lb+

Cats – best of the week weighed in at 104lb and the rest were 80lb+, 57lb+, 72lb+, 2x68lb+, 67lb+, 66lb+, 64lb+, 60lb+, 55lb+, 48lb+, 45lb+, 36lb+, 32lb+, 24lb+ and 6 kittens under 20lb.


Posted by Sandi Raby on 24/05/2013 21:22 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, Catch ReportUpdate

Etang Rendezvous - w/c 4 May 2013

Total fish caught this week came in at 105 weighing a grand total of 2,588.25lb.

Carp – the best of the week weighed in at 42lb 4oz and the rest were 18x15lb+, 23x20lb+, 18x25lb+, 12x30lb+ and 5x35lb+

Cats – the best of the bunch weighed in at 90lb+ and the rest were 25lb+, 29lb+, 35lb+, 47lb+, 56lb+, 65lb+. 66lb+, 70lb+ and 84lb+ plus 7 kittens under 20lb


Posted by Sandi Raby on 24/05/2013 21:22 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, Catch ReportUpdate

Etang Rendezvous - w/c 27 April 2013

The weather started out nice but gradually deteriorated through the week. Water temperature started out at 15c and ended up at 17c. The air temperature ended at low 20s.

Carp – the best of the week weighed in at 48lb 6oz followed by a 45lb 8oz both of which were mirrors. The rest came in at 12x15lb+, 15x20lb+, 13x25lb+, 7x30lb+, 1x35lb+ and 1x40lb+.

Cats – A NEW LAKE RECORD OF 118LB 4OZ. which was caught by John Kay who has named it ‘Crumpet’ Ooops, sorry ‘CLAMPIT’. The rest were 83lb+, 75lb+, 70lb+, 63lb+, 61lb+, 2x55lb+, 42lb+ and a 30lb+.

A 6lb pike was also landed.

Grand total weight for the week was 1,990lb+.

Posted by Sandi Raby on 16/05/2013 16:40 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, Catch ReportUpdate

Etang Rendezvous - w/c 13 April 2013

Weather was warm and sunny with some rain on the last few days. Air temperature averaged 24c with a water temperature of 18c.

Carp – a total of 42 carp were caught, the best of the week weighed in at 56lb 8oz and 55lb 12oz, both commons and the rest were 3x15lb+, 11x 20lb+, 8x25lb+, 8x30lb+, 7x35lb+, 2x40lb+ and 1x45lb+.

Cats – a total of 21 were caught the best of which weighed in at 110lb+, the rest were 102lb+, 88lb+, 84lb+, 2x74lb+, 70lb+, 64lb+, 54lb+, 49lb+, 2x40lb+, 36lb+, 35lb+, 30lb+, 25lb+ plus 5 kittens over 15lb.

Grass Carp – a total of two grass carp were caught this week a 28lb+ and a 14lb+.

Grand total of fish caught this week was 2,311 lb+

Posted by Sandi Raby on 16/05/2013 16:39 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, Catch ReportUpdate

Famous Five - Eagle Lake & Peters Pool - The Story So Far!

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As in the UK we had an awful winter and spring weather-wise, with week after week of heavy rain and cold, which affected our normal close season work schedule on the complex. Every day of bad weather seemed to result in more and more problems for us to tackle with such as flooding, trees falling down, roads cutting up etc. I’m sure the fish did not really know what had hit them! We contacted all our visiting anglers, to make sure they brought with them wellies and waterproofs, T-shirts and shorts weather it definitely was not! Our first party, was regular visitors the Atherton’s from Wigan who arrived on our delayed opening week beginning the 23rd March. Brothers Ben and Will and dad Peter fished the very same week on Eagle and Peter’s the previous season, when a certain lady was holidaying on Orchard Lake next door in a bikini. This spring she would have been looking for a brass monkey and a welder! The Atherton’s had to endure a really cold and wet week, with the fish not really active. Eagle and Peter’s is known as a runs water, but the lads found the fishing difficult simply because of the poor conditions as they are certainly fine anglers. Last year they banked thirty odd fish between them including several pb’s, this year only eleven fish graced the banks. Highlight of the week was young Will landing a new personal best mirror of 32lbs from Eagle and a couple of twenties. Brother Ben had a hatful last year but the fish would not play fair this year and his best was 27lbs plus in his catch of seven fish. Dad Peter stuck it out on a dour Peter’s Pool which was badly affected by flood water and was rewarded in the end for his patience with a 21lb fish at the end of the week. Still, the lads enjoyed themselves and wrote in the log “Thanks for a fantastic week…” They will be back and hopefully when the weather is kinder to them! Next up was father and son combo Brad and David Ibbison from Chorley – also regulars. They also had shocking weather, but managed to tempt one or two of Eagle’s bigger fish with David banking a new pb of 38lb plus fish of 30lb 1oz, 33lb 4oz and a common of 24lb. Hyperactive Brad managed to catch carp from three different lakes, with a new pb mirror of 33lbs from Eagle along with another at 31lbs, a new pb common from Eagle at 24lbs, a 24lbs mirror from Peter’s and a 26lb mirror from Orchard! They gave good advice in the log for catching fish in cold, wet conditions, “Very little bait needed, most fish fell to single 15mm boilies. See you next year!” clients Phil and Geoff were next to contend with the ongoing bad weather and Phil was quickly off the mark on Eagle with a new pb mirror of 32lbs and between them they ended up at the end of the week with a creditable 27 fish catch. Peter’s finally burst into a bit of life for them and they had mirrors of 26lbs, 15lb, 21lb, 26lb, 23lb, 26lb, 24lb, 18lb, 26lb, 23lb and commons of 18lb, 24lb, 18lb and 16lb. The log reports, “Thanks for a great week, shame about the weather!” A strange yellow orb started to appear in the sky the following week for our first lady angler of the Eagle and Peters season, Jan Howcroft along with hubbie Fred and son Dave. These three have always caught fish wherever they have fished on the complex and this week was to be no exception. Fred banked a total of 18 fish, the biggest a mirror of 31lb 9oz, plus two 29lbs, plus the first cats of the season - which were small suggesting the Wels’ were just starting to wake up. Jan banked just five fish, but this included her first ever thirty with a common of 30lb 6oz – the first thirty common to be banked from Eagle. Thirty yards away on Peter’s Pool, Dave took a total of 21 fish, mostly twenty pluses, with the best mirror being 33lb 11ozs and a common at 28lb 4ozs which he caught twice during his stay. I told him if he caught it a third time he could take it home with him! They are back in August again, this time on Orchard Lake and they will do well again I’m sure, but it’s about time one of them banked the 150lb catfish that lives in there! Return visitor and client Phil Dunn was next with two new anglers to the complex, Nidge and Andy from Stoke, both looking to beat pb’s which they did. The warmer weather arrived with them and by the end of the week they had a total of 55 fish between themselves to reflect on. On Peter’s, Andy smashed his pb out of sight with a mirror of 32lbs and a pb common of 27lbs in his total of 22 fish. Nidge banked mirrors of 35lb 5oz and 32lb from Eagle plus some big twenties. Phil himself took the most fish with mirrors of 38lbs 4ozs, 37lbs 4ozs, 35lbs 12ozs and the first grass carp of the year at 20lbs and 17lbs. One or two of the big cats finally woke up but unfortunately saw Phil off despite valiant efforts in chasing after them in chest waders and swimming with the rod etc…… The log tells the tale of the week, “Brill week, top class fishing!” So that’s the story so far. I’ll keep you posted on the next period of fishing on Eagle and Peter’s. We still await our first big cats still and our first forty plus carp of the season. Both will come shortly I’m sure of that, they always do. Most pleasing feature so far? Well, besides the usual raft of pb’s to anglers, has been the growth of the commons in Eagle, none of which were stocked, they have been born in there. Twenties are coming out regularly now and it’s first thirty common has graced the banks: this in a water I created from farmland just seven years ago! If you fancy a bit of the action on Eagle and Peter’s we have a couple of weeks free in September and October this year and you can book through David at I can’t promise sunshine, but I can definitely promise you will catch fish – this is a 100% blank-free zone!

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