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Etang Tissier - Ben hunts trip to Etang tissier

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13 year old banks monster French carp and catfish at Etang Tissier...

To many 13 year olds, the idea of spending a week sat at the side of a lake would seem very unappealing- but not to Brigg teenager Ben Hunt. While many lads of his age are dragged along fishing with there parents, with Ben it is the other way round- he has to talk his dad, who isn’t an angler into taking him fishing!

On a recent trip to France, Bens commitment and obvious talent paid off in grand style, after he banked several fish that even a seasoned specimen hunter would be proud of.
The Brigg based teenager takes up the story: “ When we got to Etang Tissier (the fishery) I had a good talk to the owner, who told me that it hadn’t been fished for two weeks, which I felt could be a very good sign!

The first day passed and I was beginning to doubt it though, as I had no fish! My first run came at 6am on the Sunday morning, but unfortunately I lost it when it went round a clump of rushes. I recast to the same spot and 10 minutes later it ripped of again. Soon after, I landed my first fish of the week, a common at 23lb.
After this, action was hectic and before 9am I landed another three fish, the biggest being a 28lb mirror. Through the course of that first day, I caught a further 12 carp, and the next day was much the same with loads of low to mid 20s coming to the net. By the end of it, I was so tired that I decided to bring my rods in, and get a good nights sleep!

On the Wednesday, I changed tact and decided to have a go for some of the venues big catfish. I changed baits to a couple of 21mm halibut pellets, and caught several carp to mid double figures. Catching little fish paid off eventually, and when my left hand rod shot off and I felt the power of the beast that I was connected too, I knew it was no carp! Soon after, I landed a stunning 45lb cat and as I had it on the mat unhooking it, my other rod screamed off! I hadn’t even unhooked the first fish yet and I needed to get it in the recovery sling. It was about 3 minutes later that I managed to get to my right hand rod, and I was into another cat. Strangely, both of them weighed in at exactly the same weight- 45lb! I managed to land 3 more cats a 37lb 8oz (which the owner later told me is the smallest in the lake) a 45lb beast and a 47lb cat –which is my PB!

All in all, it was an incredible trip- one to remember- and I cant wait to get back to France and get in touch with some more monsters. I managed to land 48 fish and lost 5 the biggest carp was 30lb 8oz and the biggest cat was 47lb. My thanks go out to my sponsors, Cheshire baits for providing me with the bait I needed- It obviously worked a treat!”

For more info on Etang Tissier visit..

Posted by Peter Boswell on 15/12/2012 13:49 Categories : Etang Tissier, Catch Report

Vallee Lake 1 - Vallee lake 1...40s, 50s & 60s - All their Christmas's at Once.

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Forget Father Christmas, Vallee Lake is producing the Christmas goods, in the shape of some stunning Carp for some very happy anglers..

Pete Rosario & friend Zeth Christie from Basingstoke had a 20 fish haul in December Conditions - fishing only part time as they were helping on a work party and lake 2 Stocking - they teamed up and fished in a double swim ending up with over 20 fish, with this amazing HUGE 61lb Mirror pb for Pete with the biggest grin you've seen on his face. Zeth also broke his pb twice - Happy Christmas lads! 6 x 40s, 9 x 30s, 4 x 20s and an Enormous 61lber ..

Dave Jordison got his early Christmas presents in the shape of a 57lb Mirror, 2 x 40s to 47lb and 30s ..

Well done guys.

For more on this big fish water visit...


Posted by David Gordon on 04/12/2012 10:03 Categories : Vallee Lake 1, Catch ReportUpdate