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Le Moulin du Mee - Review of the 2012 season.

This morning I walked around the lake, warm in the mild temperatures and enjoying the quietness that is a feature of this time of year. No birdsong nor chatter of squirrels to accompany me, just the misty tranquility of a November morning broken only by the sound of the waterfowl quietly going about their business and the occasional scatter of fry as the pike enjoy a winter hunt. It is easy to forget that just days ago we had the last of our anglers sitting around the lake and we now have several months of work to get underway before our first guests arrive in mid March. Looking back over the year our conclusion is that we have learned a great deal more about the high’s and Low’s of running a French carp fishery than we could have imagined at the beginning of the season. The vagaries of the weather had a much greater impact throughout the season than we have seen in previous years with a wet, wet spring followed by the driest summer on record. We also experienced the heaviest and most protracted spawning imaginable with consequences that took us completely by surprise. On the plus side we had our first 70lb carp with the very spawn laden ‘Saddleback’ common and on the downside we lost several carp that were left partly spawned due to the rapidly changing spring weather. With the long dry summer and resulting low water conditions it was a pleasant surprise to see so many great fish banked throughout the year with 50′s coming our on such a regular basis that when we had a week without at least one being landed we were a tad disapointed. With a huge head of big 30′s and 40′s it was no surprise that our average weight for the year was nearer 40lb than 30lb with several weeks seeing the average being above the 40lb mark. Highlight of the year was a week that saw 5 anglers have a catch that included 11 x 50′s and a 60 along with a host of 30′s and 40′s. We also enjoyed the experience of seeing ‘Saddleback’ landed at 70lb and just a few weeks ago our first 60lb+ mirror being banked. To be honest we were expecting perhaps another couple of 60lb+ fish to show up during the year as we know they are in the lake from what we handled during the netting in the winter of 2011. All in all the year was our best ever for quality of the fish and although we did have a few difficult weeks during the heat of the summer the overall catch rates for the season were very good considering the size of the carp. As ever, the development of a specimen fishery we see a gradual transformation of the fishing with the carp becoming bigger each year but also becoming wiser to the way of anglers. The naive 20′s and 30′s of a few years ago have become wiley carp of 40 and 50lb and as a consequence tactics have to be more subtle and varied to achieve success. It certainly leads to more challenging and interesting fishing however in turn it will mean that the catches of 40 or 50 fish per angler that we saw in the early days will now be a rare feature at Le Moulin du Mée with quality taking the place of quantity in the catches. Having said that we have still seen some wonderful bags of carp landed this year made all the more special by the sheer size of many of the fish included. Next year should be very exciting with so many of our 30′s likely to break the 40lb barrier and all the high 40′s banked this year moving up to the 50lb category. Average weights are likely to be around the 40lb mark and there will be every likelyhood that we will be seeing several new 60′s showing up in catches during the year. It is so satisfying when you see the years of hard work that we have put into Le Moulin du Mée being rewarded by the return of so many of our anglers year after year. Many of you that read this will have seen the development of the fishery yourself and will have enjoyed the transission from ‘runs’ water to true ‘specimen lake’ and in turn seen your own pb’s rise year on year as a result. To be honest the real delight for us as fishery owners is seeing our guests having a great week with us and hpefully landing some great fish in the process. We never forget that having a beautiful lake stuffed with big carp is a dream all us carp anglers yearn for however it is the anglers that pay to fish here that makes the whole thing possible. Our intention is to continue developing the fishery to ensure that a visit to Le Moulin du Mée will be better than ever in the years ahead.

Later today we are having our 5 ton digger delivered and after a few days to get used using it we will be getting underway with the planned work on Poppy’s Lake. Already the water level is well on the way down and with the netting planned for early December we are hoping that we will have the heavy work completed by then. The deepening of the shallows is a priority along with a little more interesting contouring of the far bank and the construction of an island to add more interest to the fishing. With the removal of the smaller carp (going to our newly rented stock lake) we are anticipating that Poppy’s will follow the development trail that we have seen on Etang du Mée with a gradual transformation from runs water through to a genuine specimen water in a few years time. It is our intention to always maintain a high stock level here to ensure that the fishing will always be easier than on Etang du Mée but with the added interest of some good sized fish to go for. Once Poppy’s has been finished we will turn our attention once more to the main lake and here we will also be deepening the shallows to add more interest to the stalking opportunities offered by this part of the lake. Eventually I would like to build another island between ‘Car Park’ and ‘Sanctuary’ but it may have to wait until next year depending on our progress with the other work. We are also thinking of filling in behind the small island between ‘Deliverance’ and ‘Island’ swims making it into a spit with angler access to the end. Along with that work we will be deepening the area’s in front of both swims as well. Other planned work includes cutting back a lot of the tree’s behind the ‘Home Bank’ swims to let more sunlight through so those spring day’s will not be so chilly for the anglers bivvied up here. Well, that is about it for now but I will keep you updated on our progress throughout the winter and with plenty of changes planned I should have lot’s to report in the coming months. Happy days !!


Posted by David Gordon on 21/11/2012 14:09 Categories : Le Moulin du Mee, Update

Lac de Laneuville - Additional Stock arriving soon.

We are currently waiting for the delivery date for our first batch of 20 new fish to be delivered. Once we have the photos I shall post them as soon as possible.

Posted by Ross Denny on 20/11/2012 20:23 Categories : Lac de Laneuville, New Stock

Etang Rendezvous - w/c 20 October 2012

The water temperature dropped from 15c to 11c and the weather was wet with a very cold north-easterly wind and some frost.

The total weight of fish caught this week was 2,531lb which comprised the following;

Carp – the best catch of the week was a 46¼lb common and the rest were 17x15lb+, 29x20lb+, 13x30lb+, 14x30lb+, 10x35lb+, 18x40lb+ and 1x45lb+.

There were no cats caught this week and very few nuisance fish.

Posted by Sandi Raby on 04/11/2012 17:36 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, Catch ReportWeatherUpdate