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Etang Rendezvous - w/c 7 July 2012

The weather started off very good but conditions went down hill after Tuesday ending with really heavy rain by the end of the week.

The water temperature went down by 4c from 24c to 20c!

Carp – the best catch the week weighed in at 44lb 4oz. The rest of the catches came in as follows; 8x15lb+, 15x20lb+, 15x25lb+, 10x30lb+, 2x35lb+ and 1x 43lb+.

Catfish – the best catch of the week weighed in at 95lb and the rest came in as follows; 73lb, 68lb, 63lb, 59lb, 52lb, 36lb, 16lb and 4 kittens.

The total weight in fish overall caught this week was 1,749lb 8oz.

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Etang Rendezvous - A Quieter week

w/c 30 June 2012

Weather was more settled this week and the water temperature was 23c. Catches for this week as follows: Carp – 1x40lb+, 3x30lb+, 5x25+, 6x20+ and 3x15lb+, plus a 14lb 8oz grass carp. Cats – 18lb, 41lb, 53lb and 2x61lb. Unfortunately not a very large bag this week – 694lb of fish in total.

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Etang Rendezvous - Summer is finally here!

w/c 23 JUNE 2012

Thought it was going to be a repeat with the weather as the first couple of days were wet; but then the sun came out and stayed out, hooray! The total catch for this week was 3,494lb of fish, which comprised: Carp - 5x40lb+ (the best weighing in at 42lb), 6x35lb+, 5x30lb+, 19x25lb+, 28x20+ and 39x15lb+, plus one grass carp which weighed in at 17lb8oz. Cats – there were a total of 17 cats caught this week, each weighing as follows; 108lb, 73lbx2, 71lb, 68lb, 64lb, 63lb, 60lb, 59lb, 58lb, 52lb, 47lb, 46lb, 45lb, 42lb, 32lb, 28lb and 13lb. The water temperature was 25c.

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Etang Tissier - Ray Pulford's review of Etang Tissier

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Due to work and family commitments that was my only session in the UK this month. However there was the small matter of an annual trip to France with some good friends. This is a holiday with friends with hopefully a few fish thrown in. We normally go to a venue with a nice average stamp of fish with the chance of a good one.

I booked the venue this year through who can cater for everyone’s taste with loads of waters to choose from. I told them what we wanted and they didn’t disappoint. They booked us on a venue called Etang Tissier a nice looking venue with brilliant facilities. The fish were nice clean carp of an average of high twenties up to 46lb with Cats to 50lb. The venue was 5 hours from Calais and we planned to arrive at 1700’ish as we couldn’t get on the lake until after 1600. The journey flew by and as always no traffic problems and clear roads. We arrived in the local village and rang Pete the owner to arrange him meeting us and taking us to the lake.

The weather was looking good for fishing, warm and overcast with low pressure. I was looking forward to seeing the lake for the first time after seeing the photos on Pete met us by the village church and we followed him to the lake not too far away. As we pulled through the gates I could see the lake on the right and it was stunning. The lake was surrounded by big willows and lush green reed beds. Every swim had its own decent piece of water and nice clean swims with enough vegetation you didn’t feel you had anybody near you. The facilities were superb with a kitchen and fridge freezer between swims 3+4 plus excellent shower and toilet. We decided on a swim which wasn’t really a problem due to the venue being prolific from most swims. I took the willows swim that allowed me to fish the dam wall and it had a small island to my left. After the introductions with Pete and sorting out our particles and beer/wine order we set about setting up.

I set my brolly up so I could see the water in front of me and set off with my marker rod along the dam wall. I didn’t want to thrash the swim to a foam straight away so decided to flick the float about from the dam wall so I wasn’t casting in and winding it back through the swim. Pete had said that around the overflow was prolific and the dam margins near some overhanging willows. I found some lovely hard smooth areas near the overflow and left the marker float popped up on the surface. I then walked back round and cast to the float and placed the line in the clip. I mixed up some method mix with the onsite particles and chopped Jungle Squabs. I balled it up and threw it in the short distance from the dam wall to the marker float. I then went round and set up the two rods clipped to the mark with the ‘stonze’ and a ‘steamlink’,’the hook’ rig baited with jungle squabs tipped with a pop-up pineapple squab. I then moulded the method mix around the ‘stonze’ and cast them out to the clip. I marked the line with black electrical tape and made a note of the far margin skyline to ensure I recast accurately to the same spots.

I quickly walked round and wound in the marker float. The third rod was fished to the dam margins with a PVA bag with the ‘stonze’ as well but a shorter rig to place in the bag. I again marked the line to ensure I would hit the same spot if I had a fish. It didn’t take me long to get set-up and I felt confident once the disturbance I made had settled I would get a bite. The other lads were also set up and were fishing there baits on the far margin under the tree overhangs and in the bays with a bait boat. From experience I knew they would have fish quickly due to placing the baits quietly and quickly with the boat. It is an awesome method for stealthy fishing to spots normal methods can’t always reach. I knew if I fed them they would arrive eventually so I was going to stick to my guns and be patient.

The spots I was fishing had definitely screamed carp so it was time to sit back and enjoy the first beer of the week. Lloyd had brought a curry from his local takeaway for us all so we set about re-heating it for our evening meal. We sat there as it began to rain under the cover of the kitchen area eating curry and drinking the local red wine. We had our first action to Neil’s rods from the far margin after only 4 or 5 hours fishing and a lovely fish was landed after a long scrap. He then went on to receive steady action from the far margin through the night. His presentation from the bait boat was really working for him and he would receive a take every hour or so. We retired to bed in the early hours of the morning and lay there in the sleeping bag just soaking up the electric atmosphere. I woke the following morning to a blistering take on my middle rod in the rain. I bent into what felt like a heavy powerful fish that didn’t want to come anywhere near the bank. The fight from this fish was awesome and it just didn’t want to give up. I didn’t need to bully it so I just let it plow around the swim and tire itself out. On my first glimpse of the fish I was surprised to see it wasn’t as big as I thought. We netted it and I thought it looked a mid-twenty. Pete had told us the fish had spawned two weeks ago so we knew they would be down in weight. The fish had a big frame but was quite empty and weighed in at 24.10lb, not massive by French standards but a nice start. The fish we had banked were a lovely clean strain of fish with lovely colouring.

At approximately 0930 Pete arrived with breakfast and what a breakfast it was. We had half a French baguette with sausage, bacon, egg, tomato and potatoes. The main plan for this trip was for Lloyd and Jim to catch their first 30lb+ fish and Neil wanted his first Cat fish. I was just looking forward to seeing them achieve this. I continued to catch up to mid-day that day and it continued to rain and rain and rain and rain. I had 4 fish up to 26lb that morning and Neil had continued to catch consistently. When the action slowed I decided to bait up and bait heavily.

I didn’t receive any more action that day as the water level started to rise and it didn’t seem it was going to stop raining. We wound in for a Sunday roast at the house with Pete which was quality and a nice break from the wet. I had noticed on our return to the lake that the water was now over the overflow and was running at pace. The lake is filled by the land run off so I thought all this cold water would slow the action as it had at Emporer on my last session. We had contacted the UK and they had informed us the rain was with us until at least Wednesday!!

It didn’t kill the action completely and I finished day three with a lot of double figure fish to low twenties mainly caught when the rain would stop. I wasn’t sure if the smaller fish had arrived due to the amount of bait I had put in. I have found in the past if I keep it going in though the better fish will come. We had our evening meal provided by Pete and again it was awesome and in huge quantities. The food package for the money was great with a breakfast and evening meal brought to the swim. On Tues the trip really came together with Jim and Lloyd both catching mid thirty pound fish and both personal bests. The water level was really raising now and I only had two twenties and not many fish showing at my end of the lake. I was praying for the sun to come out and start drying everything out.

The trip really got interesting on Wed as Jim caught a lake record cat-fish of 52lb and a few carp were caught between us. However for me I was worried the lake had come up so much the water was a foot from my brolly door and my rods and alarms were virtually under the water. Then it happened the sun started to come out late afternoon. I moved the brolly onto higher ground and re-baited the rods. The sun must only have been out an hour when my left hand rod was away and I landed a low twenty mirror. Then an hour later my middle rod was away to an absolute one toner. This fish felt much better and it just held the bottom and used its weight.

The fish then seemed to wake up made some powerful runs towards the dam wall overhangs I held on and the hook held firm. As the fish broke the surface it had a big set of shoulders on it and Jim slipped the net under it. It looked a much better fish and had big head and shoulders. The fish weighed in at 33lb which surprised us all but it was a short stocky fish. What a difference the sun makes as the action increased to us all and Neil managed a lovely 49lb Cat fish which meant everybody was happy. I baited heavily again and the night was quiet again. I hadn’t had a bite at night but the others were catching at all times.

I would catch steadily through the day and evening but nothing at night. I was sure the fish were moving away from me at night and coming back early morning. The Thurs was complete contrast with really hot weather and it stayed until we left. The lake started to drop back to its original level and the water stopped running out of the overflow. I had two good mid to upper twenties that afternoon and was wondering if any of us would get one of the really big girls. Early evening I baited again as I could not see the bubbling that had been present on my spots that afternoon. The fish still seemed to be down to my left in the shallower water probably due to this warming up quicker. The weather hadn’t been great but we had landed over 55 fish going into Fri morning and I was just hoping to have a few more better fish.

Friday was a disaster for me with only one fish landed and I was left scratching my head. Pete assured me it could still happen and to stick to my guns. I baited again but this time with only the remaining Squab’s I had left. In went 7 kg of Jungle and Crave Squabs all over my spots and recast the rods for the final night and morning. We had a pleasant evening sat together round the BBQ eating and drinking and sharing tales of the fish during the week. I set my alarm for 0400 to catch first light and got my head down to prepare for the journey home the next day. I awoke in the dark a bit disappointed not to have picked up a fish but I needn’t have worried. As the sun came up I could see the swim was an absolute cauldron of bubbles. I watched in disbelief for what felt like forever wondering why I hadn’t had a take. Then without warning my left bobbin smacked into the butt and my alarm screamed. This fish felt good straight away and after a long hard battle I landed another good mid thirty. I was over the moon and we photographed the fish in the early morning sunshine. I got the rod straight back out as the bubbling hadn’t stopped. I had to pack up in 90 mins as we had to be off by ten which was typical, the fish had arrived and I was leaving. I had 3 more takes in the last 90 mins but unfortunately I dropped two and landed a upper double. I didn’t want to leave as I felt I could have more now they were on it. We finished the week with 66 fish between the four of us, I had 19 of them with an average of mid-upper twenties. We all enjoyed ourselves and I highly recommend Etang Tissier for people looking for a comfortable holiday with prolific fishing for good clean fish.

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