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Etang Rendezvous - Weather Still An Issue

w/c 19 May 2012.

This week had a terrible start; it did not stop raining from the Sunday until Tuesday morning.  The weather then improved significantly and it became very hot and sunny.

The water temperature at the beginning of the week was 18c and but by the end of the week it was 22c .

Total weight of fish caught this week was 1,743lb, which included:

Carp – The largest catch this week was a 55lb 12oz common.  Other catches were 21x10lb+, 6x15lb+, 10x20lb+, 3x25lb+, 3x30lb+, 5x35lb+, 3x40lb+ and 1x45lb+.

Cats – The largest cat caught this week weighed in at 112lb.  Other catches included, individually, 108lb, 102lb, 45lb, 43lb, 38lb and 30lb.  Also caught were 10 kittens under 30lb.

Posted by Sandi Raby on 30/05/2012 14:57 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, Catch ReportWeatherThe Latest

Lac de Laneuville - 12th - 19th May '12

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Best Week so far and the record 40's caught in a week broken. Jason and Rob caught 6 x 20's, 11 x 30's and 7 x 40's to 45lb. Rob fished the lodge swim and Jason, having the large majority of fish, was in peg 5. Now that the water temperature has finally got warmer after all the rain the fish seem to be having there feed up before spawning.

Posted by David Gordon on 29/05/2012 13:11 Categories : Lac de Laneuville, Catch ReportThe Latest

Le Moulin du Mee - A wet, wet week !!

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 Well, another rather challenging week with some lads doing well and others struggling through no fault of their own. The weather has once again been a major factor in the way things have gone this week with rain, rain and more rain to dampen not just the anglers spirits but also the ardour of the carp. We now have a situation where many of the smaller carp have already spawned but the big girls are just hanging on in the hope that suitable conditions will arrive soon. Unfortunately for all of us the spring weather this year has been the worst that even the locals can remember and the forecast is looking little better. The wildlife has been suffering along with us and the only ducklings we have seen are a small brood of 3 and the kingfishers have yet to return after leaving for an early nest building. My fear is that the sudden flood that we experienced a couple of weeks ago may have trapped them in their nesting holes. It really is a shame if that is what has happened and the loss of our brightly coloured little friends will be sorely felt. The hedgerow birds are busily singing away all day (and night in the case of the little nightingale) but we have yet to see any sign of young which leads us to believe that the early broods were wiped out by the sudden return of ‘winter’ and the birds are now getting their second attempt at rearing young under way. We all are sorely in need of some settled warm weather to get life at Le Moulin du Mee back on track.

Anyway, back to the fishing ! The total catch for the week comprised one 60 (67lb 8oz), one 50 (54lb), 6 x 40′s, 12 x 30′s, 11 x 20′s and a 37lb sturgeon. We also saw a tench of 8lb 8oz banked by Dave in the ‘Island’ swim which came as a bit of a surprise. Happiest man of the week was Kevin who not only had the most fish (14) but also bagged ‘Saddleback’ at a partly spawned weight of 67lb 8oz. I say ‘partly spawned’ due to the fact that she was baggy in the flanks but still looked to be carrying some spawn. Her vent was closing after the first round of spawning so it will be interesting to see if she goes again or not ! The only 50 of the week was caught by ‘Sick Note’ (Simon) from the tree line in the shallows near ‘Car Park’ and was our old friend ‘Cut Tail’. It was good to see the the lost lobe is still growing back well and I look forward to next year when she should be back to her glorious best. All the lads managed to catch despite the appalling conditions and I applaud their efforts in a week that will go down as one of the worst (weather wise) that we have experienced during a fishing season.

Posted by Jim Everiss on 22/05/2012 20:33 Categories : Le Moulin du Mee

Etang Marolles - Catch Report for week ending 12th May '12

Blog Post Image

Catch Report for this week


> W/E

> 12/05/12


> Weather

> Rain but milder


> Bar Pressure

> 1015-1028


> Max Temp

> 19


> Min Temp

> 9


> No. of days fished

> 7


> No. of anglers

> 5


> No of fish lost

> 14


> Doubles

> 11


> 20's

> 13


> 30's

> 12


> 35+

> 4


> 40

> 1


> 45+

> 0


> 50

> 0


> Fish of the week

> 40.8lb Grass carp


> Comments

> "Thanks for a great week, caught some lovely fish, lovely food. Sure I'll be back" Zak

> "Food was good, fishing superb, shower outstanding, service exceptional!" Matt

> "I'll be back, the sooner the better. Brilliant again" Andy & Gill

> "Smashing, loved every minute, see you next year" Daz & Mick


Posted by David Midgley on 16/05/2012 11:16 Categories : Etang Marolles, Catch Report

Etang Marolles - First guests on the Caravan Lake

Blog Post Image

Our first guests on the caravan lake had a busy time with over 50 carp ranging from doubles up to 32lb
"Fished the caravan lake this week (6-12 May 2012). Caught some nice fish although the weather was bad at times. Loads of action, so much I did not even fish at night. Thanks for another wonderful week at Etang Marolles". Harran & Wilma


Posted by David Midgley on 16/05/2012 11:14 Categories : Etang Marolles, Catch ReportUpdate

Birch Pool Retreat - Bushy Boys did good

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Not knowing exactly what to expect when you know 3 young lads are fishing your lake for the first time we were very pleasantly surprised.  Lewis, Sam and Luke were the perfect guests showing absolute respect to us, our fish and their surroundings, their parents should be very proud of themselves they did a great job bringing them up.

The lads were rewarded, all with new pb's with Lewis taking the majority of the fish from "The Rock" swim, including a pristine 49lb 10oz Common called "Big Tail".

It was a real pleasure to meet the lads and it's good to know that with anglers like this the future of Carp fishing is in good hands.

Posted by Nikki Morgan on 15/05/2012 10:07 Categories : Birch Pool Retreat, Catch Report

Etang Rendezvous - The Sun Has Got Its Hat On - Maybe?

w/c  05 May 2012-05-14

This week started off cold and wet but improved significantly towards the end.  The maximum water temperature for the week was 20.5c with a changeable wind.

Total  weight of fish caught this week was 2041lb+, which included:

Carp – The largest catch this week was a 45lb common.  Other catches were 8x15lb+, 16x20lb+, 17x25lb+, 7x30lb+ and 1x40lb

Cats – Individually, 37lb, 49lb and 80lb.


Posted by Sandi Raby on 14/05/2012 15:03 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, Catch ReportThe Latest

Les Burons - New Lake Record

Blog Post Image

New Lake Record 48lb 8oz Mirror caught by Trevor at Les on 7/5/2012 using The Cell boillies over a bed of  carp pellets. The fish came from a feeding hole just off the island. 

1 of 4 x 40lbs also 16 x 30lbs & 3 x 20lbs so far this week. Weather has been very changeable 

Posted by Rob Parish on 10/05/2012 18:21 Categories : Les Burons, UpdateThe Latest

Etang Rendezvous - LOVE IS IN THE AIR

w/c  28 April 2012

This week’s catches were as follows:

CARP – The largest caught this week weighed in at 47lb 2oz (common).  Other catches came in at 5x15lb+, 20x20lb+, 8x25lb+, 5x30lb+, 4x35lb+ and 1x40lb+ .

CATS – Individually, 93lb+, 85lb+, 62lb, 58lb+, 54lb, 52lb+, 48lb+, 42lb+ and 32lb+.

Total weight of fish caught this week was 1,213lbs.

Another mixed bag of weather – rain and wind with a very small sprinkling of sun – if you blinked you missed it!

The water temperature was 17c.

A few fish started spawning on Friday but appears to have stopped.


Posted by Sandi Raby on 08/05/2012 14:21 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, Catch ReportUpdateThe Latest

The Retreat - The Retreat Special Offers

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Posted by Craig Neary on 07/05/2012 16:51 Categories : The Retreat