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Le Moulin du Mee - A cold, wet week.

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 This week has seen some of the worst weather we have ever experienced in the fishing season. Heavy rain, gale force winds and temperatures more suited to February than April had a great effect on the fishing. However, all in all the week turned out a lot better than we could have hoped and despite the appalling weather we still had 48 fish landed. Best of the bunch was Tony's 51lb 8oz mirror followed by another 19 carp over 40lb and 19 x 30's. There were also 6 x 20's and 3 sturgeon up to 38lb 2oz included in the catch. It is fair to say that all the lads did well to stick out the wettest week we have ever experienced and although the fishing was far from easy all credit for those that were caught. The carp were not evenly spread out and without doubt the dam area was the main holding part of the lake with those fishing elsewhere finding things very patchy indeed. It was still a good week for many reasons with the banter and Mr Grumpy's imaginative wind ups adding a bit of spice to a grey and wet week.

Total catch up to the end of April, our first month of 2012 is as follows...

2 x 60's

14 x 50's

65 x 40's

82 x 30's

26 x 20's

1 x double

14 x sturgeon

Posted by Jim Everiss on 30/04/2012 08:11 Categories : Le Moulin du Mee

Les Basses Berthieres - Very wet and very windy

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Cold wet and windy, but Damian and Lorraine were not put off. They bravely fished, day and night to be rewarded with 25 fish during the week. Sadly none of the big boys came out, with the largest being 26lb 11oz, although Damian did hook into a big one on his last night but unfortunatly he lost it. Says he is determined to come back as he now has unfinished business.

Posted by Alan Selby on 29/04/2012 17:38 Categories : Les Basses Berthieres

Le Moulin du Mee - Week 3 results

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 With a week of constantly changing weather the carp seemed to become unsettled and as the week progressed the fishing became more patchy. Today we have a little watery sunshine with rain and thunder storms forecast however temperatures are staying low for the time of year. April is always likely to be a changeable month but we would have expected conditions to be a good bit warmer than they are and with the next week looking to be cool and wet it is likely that the fishing will continue to be rather unpredictable. Having said all that the Cumbrian lads had a great week with plenty of good humour, banter and along the way a host of new pb’s. The total catch was 34 carp comprised of 1 x 50 (58lb 8oz), 11 x 40′s (up to 49lb 8oz), 12 x 30 (8 over 35lb), 8 x 20′s and a solitary double at 19lb. The lads also spent a lot of the daylight hours fishing Poppy’s lake and have a stack of doubles with some nice 20′s up to 27lb 8oz and although the better stamp of fish proved pretty elusive the lads really enjoyed some rod bending action.

The pick of the last days action was Stevens epic battle with a cracking 43lb mirror taken from close in from Zippy’s pit. All of us were convinced that he had hooked into a good 50+ fish such was the struggle Steve had to eventually bring the carp to the net. Good fish and a great mirror carp !



Posted by Jim Everiss on 16/04/2012 22:06 Categories : Le Moulin du Mee, Catch ReportUpdate

Etang Rendezvous - Has Winter Returned?

It was a very changeable week which saw halestones to heavy rain and then to sunshine all within about 20 mins and the rest of the week was pretty much the same. Carp-wise we had 1 x 58lb+ common, 1 x 47lb+ mirror, 2 x 40lb, 5 x 35lb+, 9 x 30lb+, 13 x 25lb+, 21 x 20lb+ and 14 x 15lb+. Cat-wise, the best cat out was 104lb followed by a 86lb, 65lb, 58lb, 55lb and 28lb. The grand total for the week was 2,120lb. A different approach was taken, as the anglers were fishing with boilies only at medium range. Water temp was 16C and the fish seemed to be following the wind.

Posted by Sandi Raby on 16/04/2012 20:08 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, The Latest

'Mega' week at Ultimate

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Danny Windust and his party had a week to remember. More PB's than you can shake a stick at!! Possibly too much info for you, but for your reference:

41 Mirror pb
37 Mirror
29 Mirror
47.12 Mirror
16.10 Pike pb
53.14 Mirror Arthur pb
43.06 Mirror pb
37.02 Mirror pb
16.10 Pike
46.06 Mirror
40.01 Mirror pb
52.06 Mirror Spike pb
41.02 Mirror
15.10 Pike pb
40.02 Mirror
54.06 Mirror unknown, now called "Big Bry". pb
36.14 Mirror
6 Pike
15.08 Pike
6.04 Pike
28.05 Mirror
30.00 Mirror
53.14 Mirror Arthur (again) pb
43.07 Mirror
20.04 Mirror
15.06 Pike pb
38.08 Mirror
20.04 Common
20.01 Mirror
26.14 Linear


Posted by David Gordon on 13/04/2012 13:45 Categories : Catch Report

Etang Marolles - Catch Report for week ending 7th April '12

Cold nights, warm days with high pressure. Wind North Easterly changing to Northerly.
Bar Pressure

Max Temp: 19
> Min Temp: 1
> No. of days fished: 7
> No. of anglers: 3 and one child

No. fish lost: 10
> Doubles: 4
> 20's: 7
> 30+: 12
> 35+: 7
> 40+: 2
> 45+: 1
> 50+: 0
> Fish of the week: 46lb Mirror
> Comments: "We had a great week. Lovely people, superb fishing, beautiful lake. We really respect the way the owners take care of the lake and the fish in it. They have a long-term policy that you can notice. We strongly recommend you come here. Thanks for everything. Harran and Leo. PS We will be back in May on the caravan lake!"
"Fantastic cooking and lovely service. Brilliant weeks fishing. Myself and my son both broke PBs. Awesome. We will be back. Thanks to Dave,, Caroline, Sophie, Bea and Dina the dog".


Posted by David Midgley on 10/04/2012 17:13 Categories : Etang Marolles, Catch Report

Poplars Lake - Al Sproughts 103lb Cat Pic!

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Here is a picture of carp-france client Al Sprought from Romford with his pb 103lbs Wels' catfish from Poplars Lake on the Etangs De Breton complex!

Posted by Paul Selman on 10/04/2012 12:29 Categories : Poplars Lake

Le Moulin du Mee - A cracking start to week 3.

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 The week started well with 11 carp banked so far, the majority being high 30's with a 45lb common as well as a new best mirror at 58lb 8oz to Tony. Conditions have now improved with cloud cover and a drop in the cold wind so I am expecting some more good fish to be banked in the coming days.


Posted by Jim Everiss on 09/04/2012 09:34 Categories : Le Moulin du Mee

Le Moulin du Mee - A week to remember

 Our first ‘proper’ week has just come to a close with a staggering catch of quality fish achieved by the guys. The grand total for carp comes to 69 with an average weight of just ounces under 40lb ! All the anglers fished well and contributed to the bag with quality fish after quality fish coming out throughout the week. Memorable moments are Keith Williams (aka Sir Les Patterson) catching 31 carp including a 62lb 4oz common and a brace of 50lb+ mirrors and Tony Gardner ( The Brummie snail) having 3 x 50′s overnight not just once but twice in the week. The ‘Wirrel Angling Centre’ had it’s fair share of fish with John (smiler) topping his catch off with a cracking 52lb mirror and Kirk (manboobs) bagging a brace of 50′s including a common of 54lb 6oz to add to his mirror caught earlier in the week and weighing in at 52lb 10oz. All in all it was a week that will go down as one of the best we have ever had for many reasons, the carp being just one of them.

The total catch was 1 x 60 (62lb 4oz common), 11 x 50′s (including 3 x commons), 16 x 40′s, 34 x 30′s (28 over 35lb) and 7 x 20′s.

If you look at the average weight for the 30′s it can be seen that a great many of those will be breaking the 40lb barrier by next spring giving us a tremendous head of big fish. Happy days !!

As you can imagine the lads were delighted with their week and have already booked for 2013 and 2014.

Posted by Jim Everiss on 09/04/2012 09:05 Categories : Le Moulin du Mee


w/c 31 March 2012

There were four anglers on this week who had the following catches;

Carp - 1x45+, 9x40+, 10x35+, 23x30+, 24x25+, 41x20+ and 35x15+.

Cats - 1x109lb, 1x104lb, 1x101lb, 1x72lbx 1x53lb and 1x25lb.

There was a grand total of 4,404lb of fish of which 2,001lb was caught by just one angler, Daren.

All in all another blinding week, although there were no 50lbers.

The weather conditions were sunny during the day but with a continual north-easterly wind which made it very cold at night. The water temperature varied between 14-16 degrees.

Posted by Sandi Raby on 08/04/2012 20:11 Categories : Etang Rendezvous