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Les Burons - 2 x 40's already

The lads have had 2 x 40's out already this week, and it's only Wednesday!

Posted by Rob Parish on 28/03/2012 09:45 Categories : Les Burons, Catch ReportThe Latest

Le Moulin du Mee - A dream come true....

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It has been a very difficult few days since the 3 lads arrived with still sunny days and clear starlit nights. Air pressure is perhaps rather on the high side for the time of year and certainly the carp are moving around a lot less with the water taking a much clearer tint than a week ago. The lads have battled on and Lee kicked things off with a mint common of a tad over 30lb and although the other lads have had several runs apiece and a few more fish have been hooked the tally remained at the solitary common to Lee – until last night that is. On Sunday morning Lee arrived at breakfast and regaled us with details of a vivid dream he had experience that night. “The most vivid dream I have had” he stated and then told about the capture of a huge common that was the feature of the dream. “It was Saddleback and it looked huge in the net” said Lee and we all nodded our heads in understanding. Well, at 3am this morning I got a phone call to say that Lee had Saddleback in the net and did I want to see her !! Too right I did and Jimmy and I drove round to find a stunned Lee trying to come to terms with having his dream fulfilled. She was in wonderful condition and turned the scales to 62lb 12oz. Last year when she was caught at 61lb it was close to spawning so we felt that her true weight was probably around the 57lb mark whereas now, at this early stage in the season her weight will be true and she is likely to be putting on around a 1lb per week between now and spawning. What a result.

Last night Dave also had a sturgeon of 41lb and quite a few fish were evident around the baited area’s. Peter had half a dozen runs that amounted to nothing so it would seem that although the carp are starting to come on the feed again they are still rather fickle in taking the baits. Hopefully the next day or so will see things turn round for the lads.


Posted by Jim Everiss on 27/03/2012 10:06 Categories : Le Moulin du Mee, Catch ReportUpdateThe Latest

Eagle Lake & Peters Pool - New Accommodation Complete on Eagle and Peters

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The new accommodation is now completed on Eagle and Peters and is already being enjoyed by our first clients of the year, Andy and Paddy who describe it as 'fantastic.'

The cabin lies just fifty yards from Peters Pool and consists of a living/dining area with bed settee, table and chairs, kitchen units, sink, fridge, freezer, gas cooker and oven, microwave, toaster and English Freeview TV.

There is an ensuite bathroom with English toilet, hot shower and washbasin adjoining a double bedroom with ample storage for clothes etc. All in total privacy.

Car parking is right by the cabin with a separate shed for tackle storage and a barbecue area.

With two lakes to fish exclusively thrown in, the price remains at just £600 for the small family or up to four anglers!

Posted by Paul Selman on 26/03/2012 13:39 Categories : Eagle Lake & Peters Pool, Update

The Retreat - Great Spring & Summer Deals at The Retreat

We are offering great deals at The Retreat this Spring and Summer. Make a saving of £400 in April (only 1 week available), save £350 in May and take advantage of £250 off in June. Book Now to benefit from these superb offers!

These new offers replace any that have been previously advertised.

Posted by Craig Neary on 22/03/2012 07:30 Categories : The Retreat

Vallee Lake 1 - 19 fish in 4 days!

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We had this email of thanks from Peter who has already had his second break here this year!

Hi Mark Nathalie,

Another sensational trip to Vallee 1. Following my weekend earlier in the month when I caught 8 carp, (29lb mirror, 41lb mirror, 49lb mirror, 42lb mirror ,46lb mirror, 32lb common ,31lb common, 29lb mirror.)

My return trip last week produced 19 immaculate fish in 4 days fishing (midweek). Fish caught were as follows -

Monday night - 32lb mirror

Tuesday night/Wed morning - 47lb mirror, 51lb mirror, 55lb mirror

Wednesday night/Thur morming - 50lb mirror, 51lb mirror, 29lb mirror, 38lb common, 34lb mirror, 40lb mirror, 38lb mirror, 42lb common, 54lb mirror, 29lb mirror, 44lb mirror

Thursday night/ Friday morning - 38lb mirror, 47lb mirror, 38lb mirror, 46lb mirror.

Not much sleep on the Wednesday night !

Thanks for the hospitality by both you and Nathalie.

Hope to see you soon.




Posted by Mark Collin on 20/03/2012 11:24 Categories : Vallee Lake 1, UpdateThe Latest

Hooked in France - NEW SEASON STARTS



Posted by Alan Hawkins on 19/03/2012 09:14 Categories : Hooked in France, Update

Le Moulin du Mee - A real touch of spring.

I have spent most of the day around the lakes enjoying warm sun on my back as I worked and seeing the first real sign that the carp are on the move. Several times this afternoon I heard carp crashing out and turned in time to see the large ripples left by their antics. Judging by the disturbance created I would think that some of the big girls now wide awake and enjoying life in the rapidly warming water. This evening there were several good fish creating quite a disturbance in the shallow water at the end of the dam and several large bow waves could be seen as I spooked them when I tried to get a closer look. All good signs and I feel sure that as, each day the water gets a little warmer we will be seeing a lot of feeding activity. We will be starting to add more pellet and boilies to the maize that we are putting out in the next few days and gradually phasing out the maize in favour of large quantities of high protein pellet. Although we have high hopes for the weight gains this year the one negative factor that could hold us back is the stress caused by last winters netting plus the late cold spell that occurred just when the carp were starting their spring feeding. We should know soon enough so fingers crossed that weights will be as hoped for.

The late cold snap has really put back the tree’s and shrubbery compared to last year and although we have plenty of buds I am not expecting to see the fresh green sheen of newly opened leaves for at least another couple of weeks. The birds are really making up for their period of enforced silence during the period of snow and are singing happily away from dawn to dusk. We are also seeing our first bats over the lake at last light and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the swallows in the next week or so. It is strange to be basking in warm sunshine listening to the birds and yet surrounded by tree’s that are still carrying the mantle of grey that is a sign of winter. The strange unpredictability of the weather in the past year or two is certainly having its effect on our little patch of France and like elsewhere there is lots of talk of water shortages to come. I hope that we do enjoy a good wet spell before long however rainfall seems to be getting to be a rare luxury these days so it is good to see both lakes full to the brim at the moment. I have a bad feeling that this year will see many lakes suffering badly from low water so fingers crossed that our luck holds out and we can get through the season in good shape.


Posted by Jim Everiss on 16/03/2012 16:22 Categories : Le Moulin du Mee, Update

Birch Pool Retreat - Paul's Result

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Paul and his son Adam left the lake this morning after being here for a week, his final tally was 10 Carp including 4 x 40's to 49lb 12oz, 4 x 30's to 39lb and 2 x 20's the smallest fish being 25lbs.

Considering the weather changes, we were frozen over just 3 weeks ago, and yesterday's temperature was 26 degrees, although we did have a frost in the morning,Paul did very well and he left here a very contented man.

Everything seems to be "springing" into life now although we realised yesterday the Cats have woken  :up and they were finding fresh fornicated frogs to be the "plat du jour" yum yum!!!! :(

Posted by Nikki Morgan on 15/03/2012 12:48 Categories : Birch Pool Retreat, Catch ReportUpdate

Etang Rendezvous - STOP PRESS


Last year my daughter, Julia, and her husband, Jim, (who live approximately 10 minutes away from the lake) decided to do a trial run of offering Dinner, Bed & Breakfast on a Friday evening for those of my guests who wanted to arrive a day early for their holiday.
Fortunately, it proved a success and so they have decided to offer this to all of my guests from the start of this season. It costs €35 per head which includes dinner and dessert Friday evening and either a full English or Continental breakfast Saturday morning.
At the moment they can only accommodate up to 4 people in their guest bedroom but, if you are a larger party, the remainder could ‘bivvy’ up (tent(s) will be erected prior to your arrival) for the night in their large garden for a lesser cost of €30 per head.
If you would like to make a reservation, please contact Julia or Jim directly (email: or tel: 0033 254 384 571).

The new season is about to start and new records to compete for. Just to remind you, the overall lake record for a common carp is 61lb 4oz which was achieved last season (2011) and, as the record for the cats has not been bettered, it still stands at 114lb.
On another note, I have purchased all new monster carp cradles, monster slings and a weigh tripod all for your use.

Posted by Sandi Raby on 15/03/2012 12:11 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, The Latest

Lake Juvanze - We're off and running..

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Opening week, 3rd -10th March was superb. The Welsh Carpers, Big Gav, The Beast, Lee and Wiggy braved the cold and were rewarded with a total of 23 carp. Their average weight was 33lbs and each of them caught a 40lb+ fish. These included fish of 40.4, 42.0, 42.12 and 51.8. The 51.8, a new personal best for Lee was the first capture of this particular fish over 50, so it really topped a fantastic opening week. Most of the fish came to Juvanze Specials or Live System boilies fished over pellets.


Posted by Jeff Collins on 14/03/2012 19:28 Categories : Lake Juvanze, Catch ReportThe Latest