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Woody's Hooked in France - Feeding Programme

Just to let our anglers know of our feeding programme during the autumn and winter (when the water temp is above 4deg) we feed with cooked maize and wheat, with cranberry and caviar boilies, remember this when you come fishing and always remember to use at least one of these as hookbaits. As of now we have put in close to 750kg of feed to help the fish put on weight and keep them healthy, so you can be sure of some hard fighting commons and mirrors. All of the above baits are available from us at very competitive prices and all are freshly prepeaired

Posted by Alan Hawkins on 09/02/2012 17:41 Categories : Woody's Hooked in France, The Latest

Birch Pool Retreat - The thaw has started

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After -22 degree temperatures last week the lake has now started to thaw, we have a good supply of fresh water going in through the stream so fingers crossed it won't take too long for a complete thaw.

On a plus side it looks stunning, if a little cold lol.


Posted by Nikki Morgan on 21/02/2012 15:42 Categories : Birch Pool Retreat, WeatherUpdateThe Latest

Etang Rendezvous - Warming up nicely

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The weather is warming up nicely now here at Rendezvous. According to the thermometer this morning the water temperature is 9 degrees and the fish are moving about nicely. Throughout the Winter, I stick to a 10 day feeding pattern, when the water temperature is 5 degrees or above, which over the years has lead to fish always gaining weight through the Winter which I'm really pleased with. I feed them with 10% protein Maize of the Winter which serves the purpose well, something to bare in mind if you're coming early on.

I was absolutely over the moon with the 61lb 4oz common which came out last September and hope to see a few more 60's pop out this season. I've put a pic of the 61lb common with this post - what do you think of the photo? 

We have invested in all new Nash Monster Carp Cradles and Monster Carp Slings for you to use this season along with scales which go up to 220lbs and plenty of tripods etc so you don't get caught out. 

The start of the season kicks off on Saturday, so we'll keep you all updated as to how things go.

Posted by Sandi Raby on 01/03/2012 11:16 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, WeatherUpdateThe Latest

Birch Pool Retreat - What a start

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Our friend Paul arrived last Thursday to give us a hand with the last few bits and pieces to get ready for our 8th season and my goodness has he been rewarded, some of the fish he has caught so far include a 49lb Common, a 46lb Common, a 39lb Mirror, a 37lb Mirror and a 31lb Mirror.........I do hope we can persuade him to leave before the season starts lol.

Posted by Nikki Morgan on 12/03/2012 09:49 Categories : Birch Pool Retreat, The Latest

Lake Juvanze - We're off and running..

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Opening week, 3rd -10th March was superb. The Welsh Carpers, Big Gav, The Beast, Lee and Wiggy braved the cold and were rewarded with a total of 23 carp. Their average weight was 33lbs and each of them caught a 40lb+ fish. These included fish of 40.4, 42.0, 42.12 and 51.8. The 51.8, a new personal best for Lee was the first capture of this particular fish over 50, so it really topped a fantastic opening week. Most of the fish came to Juvanze Specials or Live System boilies fished over pellets.


Posted by Jeff Collins on 14/03/2012 19:28 Categories : Lake Juvanze, Catch ReportThe Latest

Vallee Lake 1 - 19 fish in 4 days!

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We had this email of thanks from Peter who has already had his second break here this year!

Hi Mark Nathalie,

Another sensational trip to Vallee 1. Following my weekend earlier in the month when I caught 8 carp, (29lb mirror, 41lb mirror, 49lb mirror, 42lb mirror ,46lb mirror, 32lb common ,31lb common, 29lb mirror.)

My return trip last week produced 19 immaculate fish in 4 days fishing (midweek). Fish caught were as follows -

Monday night - 32lb mirror

Tuesday night/Wed morning - 47lb mirror, 51lb mirror, 55lb mirror

Wednesday night/Thur morming - 50lb mirror, 51lb mirror, 29lb mirror, 38lb common, 34lb mirror, 40lb mirror, 38lb mirror, 42lb common, 54lb mirror, 29lb mirror, 44lb mirror

Thursday night/ Friday morning - 38lb mirror, 47lb mirror, 38lb mirror, 46lb mirror.

Not much sleep on the Wednesday night !

Thanks for the hospitality by both you and Nathalie.

Hope to see you soon.




Posted by Mark Collin on 20/03/2012 11:24 Categories : Vallee Lake 1, UpdateThe Latest

Les Burons - 2 x 40's already

The lads have had 2 x 40's out already this week, and it's only Wednesday!

Posted by Rob Parish on 28/03/2012 09:45 Categories : Les Burons, Catch ReportThe Latest

Etang Rendezvous - STOP PRESS


Last year my daughter, Julia, and her husband, Jim, (who live approximately 10 minutes away from the lake) decided to do a trial run of offering Dinner, Bed & Breakfast on a Friday evening for those of my guests who wanted to arrive a day early for their holiday.
Fortunately, it proved a success and so they have decided to offer this to all of my guests from the start of this season. It costs €35 per head which includes dinner and dessert Friday evening and either a full English or Continental breakfast Saturday morning.
At the moment they can only accommodate up to 4 people in their guest bedroom but, if you are a larger party, the remainder could ‘bivvy’ up (tent(s) will be erected prior to your arrival) for the night in their large garden for a lesser cost of €30 per head.
If you would like to make a reservation, please contact Julia or Jim directly (email: or tel: 0033 254 384 571).

The new season is about to start and new records to compete for. Just to remind you, the overall lake record for a common carp is 61lb 4oz which was achieved last season (2011) and, as the record for the cats has not been bettered, it still stands at 114lb.
On another note, I have purchased all new monster carp cradles, monster slings and a weigh tripod all for your use.

Posted by Sandi Raby on 15/03/2012 12:11 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, The Latest

Etang Rendezvous - Has Winter Returned?

It was a very changeable week which saw halestones to heavy rain and then to sunshine all within about 20 mins and the rest of the week was pretty much the same. Carp-wise we had 1 x 58lb+ common, 1 x 47lb+ mirror, 2 x 40lb, 5 x 35lb+, 9 x 30lb+, 13 x 25lb+, 21 x 20lb+ and 14 x 15lb+. Cat-wise, the best cat out was 104lb followed by a 86lb, 65lb, 58lb, 55lb and 28lb. The grand total for the week was 2,120lb. A different approach was taken, as the anglers were fishing with boilies only at medium range. Water temp was 16C and the fish seemed to be following the wind.

Posted by Sandi Raby on 16/04/2012 20:08 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, The Latest

Etang Rendezvous - Welcome to sunny ....... or rather soggy, France

Gale force winds and very heavy rain. Water temperature down to 11c. But nevertheless we had the following catches:

Carp - best carp out mirror weighing in at 48+, the rest were 2x40+, 4x35+, 12x30+, 7x25+, 9x20+ and 5x15+.

Cats - only one proper cat weighing in at 58lb.

The highlight of the week was a 27lb grass carp which broke the lake record.

Total weight of fish 1,315lb.

Roll on summer!

Posted by Sandi Raby on 01/05/2012 13:01 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, Catch ReportWeatherUpdateThe Latest