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Croix Blanche Lake - First Forty of the Year

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As I said in my previous blog post, with the mild weather, until now anyway, and relatively high water temperatures the carp have been very active. I spoke about the pair of young Dutch anglers who fished from the 2nd of January. I now have a couple of photos to add. Here is a brief resumé of their session.
Jimmy Heijink and his mate set up on pegs 5 on the Croix Blanche and 13 on the Tortue. The used a bait boat to drop PVA bags of pellets and strawberry boilies to the shallower areas where fish were showing. The water levels were quite high so that would be around 12 feet deep.
Within 24 hours they had managed several fish to upper 20’s, which is pretty good for a month of January. Despite being mild the weather was quite extreme with gales force winds and heavy rain showers.
The lads stuck it out however, with Jimmy moving up to peg 15, due to the activity he had observed in front of that peg.
The last night saw one more fish out of the Croix lake and the icing on the cake for this early season session a superb 20.5kg (45lb) mirror.
The lads did very well and it goes to show that good results can be had year round in the right conditions. While we saw poor results in the autumn, I sure this was down to the unusual weather. January temperatures were more like November and the carp seemed top respond in the manner of an autumn session.

Posted by Gareth Watkins on 10/02/2012 17:23 Categories : Croix Blanche Lake, Catch Report

Juvanze Lakes Roundup

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 The season is off to a flyer on the Juvanze Lakes:

Firstly, let's talk about the newcomer which is Juvanze-Blue. We've have a lot of interest in this lake, with particular interest in the early months as guys want to be the first to fish a virgin water with many unknown originals plus, of course it has also had a quality stock of Carp put in up to 55lbs.

A work party of 2 guys has just fished 3 nights (nights only) and between them they landed 22 fish from 26 runs. All, but two, were over 20lbs with 7 x 30's and a 41lb original. All fish came out of the Juvanze Specials over a bed of pellet, maize and hemp. Not bad for a short session. We're waiting for photo's, once they arrive we'll post them up.

Lake Juvanze started it's season last weekend and that's also off to a cracking start with 4 anglers on they have already banked 9 fish with the smallest being 33lbs and the largest being 42lbs and an average of 36lbs. With only 3 nights fished so far, this is pretty awesome. Again, all fish came to a bed of pellet, maize and hemp mix with either Specials or Live System on the hook. Watch out for the full round up.

For more info on Juvanze-Blue visit:

For more info on Juvanze visit:

Photos to follow later in the week.

Posted by David Gordon on 06/03/2012 15:25 Categories : Catch Report

Lake Juvanze - We're off and running..

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Opening week, 3rd -10th March was superb. The Welsh Carpers, Big Gav, The Beast, Lee and Wiggy braved the cold and were rewarded with a total of 23 carp. Their average weight was 33lbs and each of them caught a 40lb+ fish. These included fish of 40.4, 42.0, 42.12 and 51.8. The 51.8, a new personal best for Lee was the first capture of this particular fish over 50, so it really topped a fantastic opening week. Most of the fish came to Juvanze Specials or Live System boilies fished over pellets.


Posted by Jeff Collins on 14/03/2012 19:28 Categories : Lake Juvanze, Catch ReportThe Latest

Birch Pool Retreat - Paul's Result

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Paul and his son Adam left the lake this morning after being here for a week, his final tally was 10 Carp including 4 x 40's to 49lb 12oz, 4 x 30's to 39lb and 2 x 20's the smallest fish being 25lbs.

Considering the weather changes, we were frozen over just 3 weeks ago, and yesterday's temperature was 26 degrees, although we did have a frost in the morning,Paul did very well and he left here a very contented man.

Everything seems to be "springing" into life now although we realised yesterday the Cats have woken  :up and they were finding fresh fornicated frogs to be the "plat du jour" yum yum!!!! :(

Posted by Nikki Morgan on 15/03/2012 12:48 Categories : Birch Pool Retreat, Catch ReportUpdate

Les Burons - 2 x 40's already

The lads have had 2 x 40's out already this week, and it's only Wednesday!

Posted by Rob Parish on 28/03/2012 09:45 Categories : Les Burons, Catch ReportThe Latest

Etang Rendezvous - EXPLOSIVE START

What an explosive start to the 2012 season! The lake record was blown away with a stunning catch of over 4,800lb of fish. A breakdown of the catch is as follows: Carp - 45 over 15lb, 47 over 20lb, 33 over 25lb, 26 over 30lb, 23 over 35lb, 2 over 40lb, 1 over 50lb and 2 over 55lb. The two over 55lbs were both commons and actually weighed in at 59lb 1oz and 58lb 4oz. Grass Carp - 3 were caught with the best weighing in at 23lb 6oz. Cats - 6 were caught weighing in at 92lb, 74lb, 70lb, 69lb, 42lb and 28lb. Water temp was 17 degrees with a chilly north-easterly wind with bright sunshine. What a fantastic start.


Posted by Sandi Raby on 02/04/2012 14:10 Categories : Etang Rendezvous, Catch Report

Etang Marolles - Big Lake - Catch Report for week ending 26th March '12

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Catch report for this week.


Hot days (26°) & cool nights throughout

Bar Pressure

Max Temp

Min Temp

No. of days fished

No. of anglers

No. fish lost








Fish of the week
41.14lb Mirror

Another fantastic weeks fishing for the third year in a row and we will be back for more! Thank you very much.
Sturart & Andy


Posted by David Gordon on 04/04/2012 13:23 Categories : Etang Marolles - Big Lake, Catch Report

Etang Marolles - Big Lake - Catch Report for week ending 7th April '12

Cold nights, warm days with high pressure. Wind North Easterly changing to Northerly.
Bar Pressure

Max Temp: 19
> Min Temp: 1
> No. of days fished: 7
> No. of anglers: 3 and one child

No. fish lost: 10
> Doubles: 4
> 20's: 7
> 30+: 12
> 35+: 7
> 40+: 2
> 45+: 1
> 50+: 0
> Fish of the week: 46lb Mirror
> Comments: "We had a great week. Lovely people, superb fishing, beautiful lake. We really respect the way the owners take care of the lake and the fish in it. They have a long-term policy that you can notice. We strongly recommend you come here. Thanks for everything. Harran and Leo. PS We will be back in May on the caravan lake!"
"Fantastic cooking and lovely service. Brilliant weeks fishing. Myself and my son both broke PBs. Awesome. We will be back. Thanks to Dave,, Caroline, Sophie, Bea and Dina the dog".


Posted by David Midgley on 10/04/2012 17:13 Categories : Etang Marolles - Big Lake, Catch Report

'Mega' week at Ultimate

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Danny Windust and his party had a week to remember. More PB's than you can shake a stick at!! Possibly too much info for you, but for your reference:

41 Mirror pb
37 Mirror
29 Mirror
47.12 Mirror
16.10 Pike pb
53.14 Mirror Arthur pb
43.06 Mirror pb
37.02 Mirror pb
16.10 Pike
46.06 Mirror
40.01 Mirror pb
52.06 Mirror Spike pb
41.02 Mirror
15.10 Pike pb
40.02 Mirror
54.06 Mirror unknown, now called "Big Bry". pb
36.14 Mirror
6 Pike
15.08 Pike
6.04 Pike
28.05 Mirror
30.00 Mirror
53.14 Mirror Arthur (again) pb
43.07 Mirror
20.04 Mirror
15.06 Pike pb
38.08 Mirror
20.04 Common
20.01 Mirror
26.14 Linear


Posted by David Gordon on 13/04/2012 13:45 Categories : Catch Report