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Eagle Lake & Peters Pool - Awesome Catch Report for Wayne and Steve w/e 3/10

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 Mirrors: 16lb x 3, 19lb, 20lb 3oz, 21lb 11oz, 23lb 12oz, 24lb 12oz, 27lb 13oz, 30lb, 32lb 8oz, 33lb 1oz, 33lb 12oz, 33lb 13oz, 34lb, 35lb, 37lb 13oz,  39lb 11oz, 40lb 1oz, 40lb 5oz, 40lb 13oz, 40lb 15oz, 41lb 1oz, 44lb 4oz, 44lb 6oz, 44lb 13oz.

Commons: 10lb, 26lb 13oz, 28lb.

Catfish: 10lb, 15lb, 25lb, 25lb, 48lb, 53lb, 70lb.

Bream:1lb 8oz x 2;

We fished boilie over pellet.

Posted by Paul Selman on 27/10/2020 14:47 Categories : Eagle Lake & Peters Pool

Woody's Hooked in France - Amazing week

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 Les Montautiers is not always easy. However lasts weeks guests demonstrated that sometimes it can produce some amazing results!  46 fish were banked to 58lb and 3 personal bests were broken. Well done boys! 


Posted by Simon Wood on 27/08/2020 18:06 Categories : Woody's Hooked in France, Catch Report

Orchard Lake - Discount Cancellation Week

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 Fancy fishing the well-known and usually fully booked Orchard Lake?

We have had a very short notice cancellation for 5/9/20. We are offering this week for £300 only which is 50% off. Exclusive lake use for big carp and cats, plus lakeside fully equipped cabin for two anglers or the small family.

Get back to quickly if interested!

Posted by Paul Selman on 23/08/2020 11:06 Categories : Orchard Lake

Eagle Lake & Peters Pool - Over the Rainbow......

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A lovely shot by George Nixon of a rainbow over Eagle Lake on the complex.
Irish folklore has it that Fairies were said to have great wealth, and would often bury their treasures or pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. This led to the fable that the end of the rainbow contained riches that could be found, and they would be guarded by leprechauns.
George found his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in the shape of this wondrous bar of gold weighing over thirty pounds in Peter's Pool.......

Posted by Paul Selman on 17/08/2020 10:37 Categories : Eagle Lake & Peters Pool

Eagle Lake & Peters Pool - Variety is the spice of life....

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A 41lb mirror for regular Steve Durrington from Eagle Lake week in a single night, plus a 23lb grassy, plus a 90lb Wels'..........

We still have a vacant week on Eagle and Peters for w/c 12/9/20 contact for details and booking.


Posted by Paul Selman on 16/08/2020 11:37 Categories : Eagle Lake & Peters Pool

Birch Lake - Great catch of Birch Lake carp!

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 There have been some tidy anglers on the lakes already this season not least Dean Cook who had a great haul of carp from Birch Lake a couple of weeks ago - leaving aside his catfish captures.
His best carp was a mirror of 37lbs 1ozs and a common of 35lbs and he had some other superb fish.

Posted by Paul Selman on 06/08/2020 10:43 Categories : Birch Lake, Catch Report

Lac du Val - FIRST 50 POUNDER!!

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 💥💥 BOOM 💥💥

Lac du Val produces its first 50 pounder of the season at ➡️ 54lb ⬅️ on the button. 💯✅🔥💚❤️💪🎣🎣🎣

A full post of yesterday’s highlights fishing the museum swim will be posted soon on our Facebook Page. 

🟢🟢🎣🎣 Here’s a sneak preview!!

Posted by David Coleman on 11/05/2020 12:01 Categories : Lac du Val, Catch Report

Les Basses Berthieres - Lockdown

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 Taking advantage of lockdown here, had an afternoon's fishing as weather warmed up and managed to bank a couple of mirrors one of just under 38lb the other dead 30lb.

Hope to be seeing you all soon. 

Posted by Alan Selby on 05/04/2020 10:10 Categories : Les Basses Berthieres, The Latest

Les Basses Berthieres - Lockdown

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 Due to the lockdown here , thought i'd have a couple of afternoon sessions on lake.

First fish lost at net then next fish a new mirror PB  of 43lb, following day just a 31lb 6oz, next day 32lb 8oz and a 37lb 2oz  all mirrors.Hope this does not last too long as i'm sure our clients would rather be sitting round the lake enjoying the peace and quite and catching some really lovely fish.

Stay safe everyone , hope to see you all soon


Posted by Alan Selby on 21/03/2020 21:03 Categories : Les Basses Berthieres, Update


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 Well. We must admit that our posts have been a bit few and far between recently but I'm sure your not interested in the amount of trees that have gone into the lake, due to the recent storms we have all experienced etc. 😫😫

Is anyone interested in "Lac du Val’s" stocking programme this year?

And anything new that's swimming around?


Because it's that time of the year again !!!!!

😄😍🔥❤️🙏💪🤜🤛 💯🎣🎣🎣

In total, we have finally managed to source an additional ➡️ 9 fish ⬅️ !!!!
This is our second stocking since we took over Lac du Val.

Some might think this is an easy task, but I assure you, it's not quite as straight forward as it sounds, when you are looking at purchasing from a reputable supplier. Our new residents will definitely compliment our current stock and in return, give you guys some new stunners to target.

The stocking 2020:

6 mirrors, to include an absolutely stunning scaley @ 26lb, a 39lb 13oz, a 41lb 8oz, a 45lb 8oz, a 47lb 6oz and a "51lb", to accompany hopefully another of our 50's, "Cailiñ" whose best weight last year went to 48lb. All absolutely cracking and in perfect condition

And then there's the commons. Another "Ghosty" @ 34lb, to go with our current resident Ghosty "Casper" who's best weight last year was 44lb. And to join our biggest common "Survivor", another of our current big fish hopefully hitting the magical 50lb plus this year, a 38lb 8 oz and a 45lb 5oz

To summarise, 1 x 24lb, 3 x 30's to 39lb 13oz, 4 x 40's to 47lb 6oz and a 51lber which we feel is getting "Lac du Val" to where we want it.

Unfortunately, after hand picking these fish and having to travel over 400 miles to get home, we did not want to stress them out any more than necessary, and only took pictures of the ones that were prepared to have their mug shot taken in 10 seconds flat, which amounted to just the 5 mirrors & a common. The others were having none of it !!!! We'll leave it up to you guys to provide additional pictures during the coming season when you have them on the bank.

Are we whetting your appetite for this years fishing experience ?

So which one catches your eye?

Not too long now before we welcome back our regulars and new comers here at ➡️ Lac du Val ⬅️.

Tight lines!!!!

Dave n Evamarie

Posted by David Coleman on 22/02/2020 22:08 Categories : Lac du Val, New StockUpdateThe Latest