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La Bourgonniere - NEW YEAR'S SUCCESS

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Cracking week for our guests at New Year’s. Amongst the haul was a Mirror known as 'The Football' at 46lb Mirror. What a great week for our guests, well done!

Following a cancellation, we currently have the third week of the season available (29/03/2019 - 05/04/2019)

Posted by Beatrice Pitt on 12/01/2019 09:15 Categories : La Bourgonniere, Catch Report

Lac du Val - BREAKING NEWS!!!!

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 Lac du Val stocked 8 new fish. These stunning beauties include 3 x 40’s going to 47lb 12oz , one of which is a ghostie, 3 x 30’s to 35lb 2oz and 2 x 20’s to 24lb 4oz which include an absolutely beautiful linear. This will certainly compliment our current stock. Tight lines!!!

Posted by David Coleman on 10/12/2018 12:41 Categories : Lac du Val, New Stock

Lac du Val - It's Good to Be Back

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 Returning for the second time this year for a short 5 day holiday, Sean and John, along with 1st timer Liam, banked a total of 32 carp which included 4 x 30’s to include a cracking 39lb 2oz mirror for John. With the weather being a bit up and down, they worked hard to achieve this, banking a few out of the Museum and Billy’s Mates swims through stalking during the day. Top angling guys!! 🙂 See you next year.

Posted by David Coleman on 16/11/2018 13:42 Categories : Lac du Val, Catch Report

Birch Lake - Forty-Eight fish for the week on Birch Lake.

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Leigh Holman and James Jenner enjoyed a brilliant 43 fish catch on Birch in late August, with Leigh taking the lions share. 

Look at this cracking catch report!

Posted by Paul Selman on 24/10/2018 16:07 Categories : Birch Lake


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 So since we took ownership the lake has been fishing its socks off.  One week in September saw one angler Rob land 20 carp 5 of which were over 40lb. The same week saw Odd scale out at 62lbs.

Personal bests have been beaten then beaten again... and again.  

Posted by Simon Wood on 08/10/2018 20:11 Categories : Catch Report

Woody's Hooked in France - New Owners

 Welcome to Woody's - Hooked in France 

We are to announce that we are the new owners from September 2018. We are Simon and Kyrsteen and we hope we can follow on the good work that Alan has done as ballif over the last 10 years.

Posted by Simon Wood on 08/10/2018 19:10 Categories : Woody's Hooked in France

Maison Verre - EMV £1550 for 3 lakes and house

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2019 is our first full year of opening. to get the place off to a flying start for £1550 we have decided to offer:

The fully renovated 2 bedroom 2 ensuite house

The 3 acre house lake with carp to 40 Ibs 

2 acre runs water with mixed silver and carp to mid 20's

3 acre specimen cat fish lake cat to nearly 200Ibs

The cat lake has a basic cabin to shelter in if the weather is bad along with a bbq oven and gas oven. 

The main lake also has a fisher mans hut half way along the house bank which is ideal for sheltering in bad weather, there is 240v power here, along with mains water and a fridge and freezer too! 

No one else comes close on quality or lake on offer for this price. this really is a lovely private complex to yourself for the duration. 

Posted by A Rogers on 04/10/2018 01:55 Categories : Maison Verre, UpdateThe Latest

Maison Verre - Oswell party 11/08/18

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 Had a great week at a lovely venue.

Thank you very much.

Need to give ourselves a few weeks to get sorted but the general consensus is that we would like to return next year.

Please find a few photos attached, I will send you over a few more and a catch report later in the week.

Biggest fish were a 31lb sturgeon, and a 31lb carp.

We named the 20lb sturgeon Steve as he kept hammering one of our party (steve) and I think he even came out 3 times in one day.

House is amazing, location brilliant and it was perfect for the boys.

Thanks again.


Posted by A Rogers on 28/09/2018 05:55 Categories : Maison Verre, Catch Report

Maison Verre - Calladine 8/9/18

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Phil and his wife have fished at a number of venues in France in the last 10 years. They went as a couple with Phil only fishing in the days along with sight seeing trips to Vitre which they reported as being stunning., They even stayed on for a meal, something they never normally do on visit to a town.

Phil was concerned about his low sports car making it to the site, but our all new stone drive way did the trick!

The couple wanted a relaxing 'quality stay' and from the review we ticked all the boxes. having only opened half way through 2018 we want people to appreciate the quality on offer and the following reivew should ensure this:

"Sad to say just back from EMV.Could have stayed longer but someone else is going to enjoy the stunning property and beautiful lake setting.

Everything you could wish for is on the site. Managed to land 19 carp to 33 lb and 2 sturgeon to 32.Didn't fish nights and visited local sites so the fishing is relatively straightforward.

Used bait boat to get under overhanging bushes but clipped up and fished to margins when possible.Would recommend using 20 mm boilies to attract the larger fish and house pellets to feed.

The accommodation is first class with open plan layout and fabulous views over the pretty lake.

Thanks to all concerned.

Phil and Jan"


Posted by A Rogers on 28/09/2018 05:51 Categories : Maison Verre, Catch Report

Lac du Val - Four Days Madness

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 John and Tom arrived at Lac du Val for a short 4 days holiday, this being their 1st visit to our venue. Their expectations were mixed as this was not a typical water that they have been used to fishing in France. A passing comment on arrival was being happy with approx 15 fish on the bank for their duration with us. 96 hours passed with run after screaming run, which resulted in 55 fish on the bank between them !!!!! This included 9 x 30’s to 35lb 8 oz and 31 x 20’s to 29lb 10oz with a total poundage of 1292lb !!!!! It’s safe to say they went home extremely happy and have vowed to return at a future date.
Top angling guys. It was a real pleasure meeting you both and sharing in your fishing experience with us. 🙂

Posted by David Coleman on 24/09/2018 14:18 Categories : Lac du Val, Catch Report