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Birch Pool Retreat - Old Skool rules OK !!


 5 days of "Old Skool" fishing has certainly paid off for Lee this week, so far a 40lb Mirror, a 39lbs Mirror and 39lbs 6oz Mirror caught on a float rod using 6lbs line and maggots. The "modern way" has also worked well for this party as other catches also include a 52lbs Mi ....more

Forest Pool - PB's smashed again


A great week for Jake and his dad Andy. Jake started the week wanting to catch a 30lbs Carp and Forest Pool France didn't disappoint, his first fish was a 32lbs MIrror. Jake and Andy caught steadily throughout the week with Jake smashing his PB again with a 38lbs Mirror, by the end of the week of co ....more

Les Kaolins-Galleon - Sandhurst Baits at Les Kaolins


9 - 16 August has been a great week for Sandhurst Baits group. The first morning Harry caught his first ever cat - 50 lbs. The 2 girls then showed their lads how to catch! Charlene caught 6 carp from the Unicorn the second night and Jacky was a close runner up on swim 5 of the Galleon. In fact swim ....more

Beausoleil - First 100lb catfish and new lake record!


 Our catfish lake record of 95lbs has stood for the last 3.5 years. It was set by our very first guests to the venue by Chris on his very first trip. Ever since then, we’ve been waiting for one of our monsters to break the 100lb mark and it’s finally happened! What’s even more ....more

Forest Pool - The fish are getting bigger !!


Forest Pool is going from strength to strength with the Carp packing on the weight, so far this year has seen a lake record in the shape of a 52lbs Mirror. A few 40's also have graced the banks including a 46lbs Mirror and a 48lbs Mirror. Some of the "stocky" fish we put in 18 months ago a ....more

Birch Lake - First Ever Wels' Catfish: 107lbs!

28/07/2014 client, John Hodgson from Yorkshire, has today landed his first ever catfish from Birch Lake at 107lbs! The big moggie took half a tin of luncheon meat and is the first 100lb plus cat landed from the complex this season. Son Harry who has had cats to 38lbs (also his first) could have ....more

Vallee Lake 1 - Awesome 63lb Grassy


 What a fish !! Take a look at this enormous Grass Caarp caught from lake 1 , the fish an original from the lake , probably in the excess of 40yrs Old !!! Taking on mais at range , 63lbs other fish pictured are also some stunning specimens caught on the same session - Awesome fish !! ....more

St Leonards - Update


Despite the ever changing weather there's still been some lovely fish out with the picnic table swim providing Craig with the top rod and a mirror of 42.10lb. Please see the gallery for the photos. ....more

Les Kaolins-Galleon - Les Kaolins - Cracking 38lb 15oz mirror, pb, for John Seaman


Les Kaolins - Cracking 38lb 15oz mirror for John Seaman 21 - 28th June was a great week for our group of prison officers. Fabulously hot weather with light breeze most days. Perfect weather for bivvying and catching carp, not to mention knocking back a few beers and topping up the tan. Mid week ....more

Etang Marolles - What A Difference!


Already halfway through the fishing season and the hard work over the last winter has paid dividends. With the majority of tree roots and stumps removed, there has been a massive reduction in call-outs by anglers this year due to snagged lines and thus lost fish. This creates a safer environment f ....more

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Orchard Lake


Third year back here and again a great weeks fishing. Paul and Hazel great hosts as ever. Charlie (three and a half) and Gizmo got on like a house on fire lol. Claire was running around after Charlie. I landed the lake record Wels' catfish at 60lbs. A great weeks fishing and holiday, have already ....more

Lake Juvanze - Blue


Outstanding fishing, outstanding food package, best we have had in France. Outstanding hosts, we will be back again next year! This was Steve's first time in France and his first fish was a 50lb 6oz Mirror, what else can I say?! Thanks everyone! ....more

Lake Juvanze


Had a fantastic break, worked hard for the fish and it paid off, new PBs all round. ....more



Fantastic week although the weather got progressively colder and there was plenty of liquid sunshine! Beautiful lake, well kept, lots of wildlife to enjoy and very peaceful. Majority of the fish were in superb condition. ....more

La Petite Martiniere


We had a great week with Marc & Nikki. Great little venue fantastic hosts, meals superb we would definitely come back Thanks again ....more

Lake Juvanze


Lake was fishing well, lovely fish, good hosts, nice food. ....more

Lake Juvanze - Blue


Great venue & hosts. Another excellent trip which included a personal best 51lb 4oz Mirror. ....more

Lake Juvanze


Amazing experience, fishing and food amazing. Listen to Jeff & Jack. Very nice people, will be back 100%. Thanks ....more

Lake Juvanze - Blue


The lake is very beautiful, quiet and peaceful. We really enjoyed the fishing and the social meeting up for our meals and the odd beer at the cabin. Jeff and Jack, our hosts were more than helpful, nothing too much trouble. Amazing fish, most were pristine. ....more

Vallee Lake 1


Just returned from vallee lake 1, this is the 3rd time at vallee 1 and we all had great catches, weather poor and very wet but didn't stop the fish from being caught. great venue would recommend to anyone who loves fishing, mark a great person, helpful and leaves you to fish. ....more



A bad day fishing is always better that a good day working. ....more

Lac de Laneuville


We had two week fishing in a stunning place catching stunning fish. ....more



Best fishing for 10 years in france. ....more

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Etang Rendezvous - w/c 26 July 2014


 Weather: Hot and sunny with air temperatures ranging 23c – 28c with a water temperature of 26c. Unfortunately due to an urgent business matter these guys had to leave early Thursday morning. Total weight of fish caught this week was 678lb, which included: Carp – the best catch ....more

Etang Rendezvous - w/c 19 July 2014


Weather: Started off slightly cooler, 27c, with storms. Next day sun/cloud/ storms. The rest of the week reached temperatures up to 35c with a water temperature of 26c. Total weight of fish caught this week was 1138lb8oz which included: Carp – the best catch of the week weighed in at 54lb6 ....more

Etang Rendezvous - w/c 12 July 2014


 The week started off wet and chilly and ended hot and sunny with air temperatures reaching 32c with a water temperature of 26c. Total weight of fish caught this week was 2502lb, which included: Carp – the best catch of the week weighed in at 47lb8oz and the rest were 3x15lb+, 15x20lb+, ....more

Etang Rendezvous - w/c 5 July 2014


 There were only 3 anglers this week all of which did not fish the last 12 hours. Heavy rain with some sun. Air temp. ranged between 19c – 23c with a water temperature of 21c. Total weight of fish caught this week was 1188lb, which included: Carp – the best catch of the week wei ....more

Etang Rendezvous - w/c 28 June 2014


Weather was warm and sunny with the odd shower – temp 24c.  Water temp. 21c Total weight of fish caught this week was 1392lb, which included: Carp – the best catch of the week weighed in at 41lb+ and the rest were 1x15lb+, 4x20lb+, 5x25lb+, 4x30lb+, 2x35lb+ and 1x40lb+. Grass Car ....more

La Petite Martiniere - Last minute availability 28th June-5th July


A change in a customers workloads has made a booking move to 2015 so we have the 28th June- 5th July available for exclusive use of our venue for a maximum of 3 people.  We have no immediate neighbours, no noisy main road close by, just the gently rolling landscape perfect for a nice getaway ....more

The Retreat - First visit to The Retreat


First time visitors Alan and Karen to The Retreat had a great time in April. A total of 75 runs during the week landed them 63 fish. 7x30lb plus, 15x25lb plus and 14x20lb plus. The biggest Common was 36lb 4 and the biggest Mirror 35lb 6. The couple descibed the lake as 'a fantastic runs water' and t ....more

Orchard Lake - Del and Jason fishing Orchard Lake 15th March - 22nd March


Del Mirrors: 20lb 10oz, 20lb 2oz, 21lb 6oz, 24lb 6oz, 13lb 8oz, 28lb 8oz, 21lb 12oz, 23lb, 20lb 12oz, 25lb 6oz, 22lb 8oz. Commons: 14lb 2oz, 29lb 8oz. Sturgeon: 13lb 12oz. Jason Mirrors: 18lb, 18lb, 23lb, 22lb 12oz, 19lb 13oz, 21lb 8oz, 21lb, 28lb, 25lb 10oz, 32lb 8oz (pb) Commons: 16lb, 16lb, ....more

Etang des Landes - new swims


 Two new swims have been added to our lake in the final part of the facelift that has been happening here over the last 6 months,the first is the double garden swim and the second is the willows which has an amazing view of the full length of the lake   ....more

Lac de Laneuville - 5 night winter session result


Monday 10th- 15th Feb Aje and Jenson ended their session with 12 fish between them, 1 x 50.02lb Mirror 3 x 40's 48lb 44lb and 41.02lb 7 x 30's and a 25.04lb mirror. They used 18kg of boilies with critically balanced hook baits. Winter Result, well done lads ....more

Etang des Landes


 New to….'Etang des Landes' An absolutely stunning new addition to the portfolio offering a beautiful 4.75 acre lake in the loire valley for exclusive use for up to 5 anglers. David and Tina will welc ....more

Christmas Message


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from What a fantastic year it's been, with record numbers of PB's being caught with results getting better and better as the season went on. This year saw the most amount of 60's and 70's being banked, well done to all those who managed their per ....more

So far so good


 It's been a mixed start to the season with some venues having the best start to a season they have ever had, namely Vallee Lake 1 with umpteen 50's and several 60's ( The weather has been unprecedented with the relentless cold weather. For many ....more

Changes to Facebook


So Facebook have been moving a few bits around, this means you won't always get to see our updates, and most importantly what's been banked at all our venues. If you don't want to miss out on our latest news, visit our facebook page and you will see a little cog in the top right hand corner (next t ....more

A little bit more Breathalyser info for you.


As the French Law becomes enforceable in November this year, it's wise to get prepared. Up to now we have found the Alcosense Breathalyser to be the one which is most recommended. Here's a link for more info and how to go about getting hold of one: ....more