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Eagle Lake & Peters Pool - Catch Report 29/8-5/9/2020


The Morgan Brothers Mirror carp: 36lb 12oz, 24lb 7oz, 15lb, 13lb 15oz, 17lb 4oz, 12lb 12oz. Common carp: 27lb 9oz, 29lb 1oz, 28lb 15oz, 27lb 1oz. (All from Peter's Pool} Sturgeon: 14lb 2oz, 14lb 2oz. Wels' catfish: 5 x 20's, 4 x 40's, 2 x 50's. Best Wels' 54lbs 12ozs. Methods: Boilies over pell ....more

Eagle Lake & Peters Pool - Rare Cancellation Week Available


We have had a last minute cancellation for the popular Eagle Lake and Peters Pool for w/c 12/9/20. Carp to 46lbs and cats to 104lbs already this season plus great facilities in the cabin. As the deposit has been paid and in the short notice circumstances we are offering this week for three anglers ....more

Oakwood Fisheries - New Lake Record and a brace of 50lb fish


 The First week open went off with a bang as Shawn broke the lake record with a 56LB mirror and followed it up another 50lb plus mirror for a stunning brace of 50's. He also had 4 x 40lb plus fish ranging from 44 - 49lbs And he lost count of the numers of 30's as it was a very hectic week. & ....more

Eagle Lake & Peters Pool - New Lake Record 104lb Wels!


George Bennett and his mates arrived this afternoon after a gruelling drive from Congleton, Cheshire, starting at 11pm Friday. He has been rewarded quickly this evening with a new Lake Record Wels' at 104lbs from Eagle Lake. Well done George! ....more

Birch Lake - David Done Catch Report w/c 18/7


David Done Mirror carp: 19lb 5oz, 21lb 5oz, 29lb, 32lb, 35lb. Commons: 30lb, 30lb.  Catfish: 3'lb, 36lb, 37lb, 37lb, 38lb, 41lb, 43lb, 76lb 6oz (p.b.), plus kittens. 21 fish totalling 633lb 6oz. Note: David only fished three full days as had to leave early. Fished no all nights. ....more

Eagle Lake & Peters Pool - Catch Report 11/7/20 - 18/7/20, Thomas Watling and Stephen Elli


Tom Wels' catfish: 13 cats best 40lb 8oz, 67lb, 75lb (pb). Mirror carp: 28lb 8oz, 40lb, 25lb, 43lb 8oz (pb), 30lb. Common: 10lb 8oz. Sturgeon: 12lb 12oz. Stephen Wels' catfish: 11 cats, best 77lb (pb) Mirror carp: 35lb 4oz, 34lb 8oz, 28lb, 36lb 4oz, 46lb (pb), 29lb 12oz. ....more

Woody's Hooked in France - Rule update



Oakwood Fisheries - Lake Record Mirror 54lbs 4oz Stunner


 I am pleased to announce that the outright lake record has fallen again this season with this stunning fish of 54lbs 4oz it was caught after just two hours into Ashleys trip after the fish had evaded capture all season long! For the 2020 we will have the full set of 50lb plus carp at Oakwood ....more

Oakwood Fisheries - Common record falls again at 48lb 5oz


 Im delighted to say the common carp record at Oakwood Fisheries has fallen again with a fish of 48lb 5oz. Its the third time its been broken this year with three big commons pushing the 50lb mark. 2020 should see our first 50lb plus common a rare beast even in France and we should have three ....more

Etang Tissier - Catch Report 13/07/2019


Great week for John Ling and his 2 sons John and Michael. 1st fish caught 95lb cat fish to John Senior and then they just did not stop sun, sun and fish! ....more


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Kingfisher Lake is amazing! As a non angler Iloved the leace and quiet qnd atching trhe Kingfishers dart about: Graham is usually a river qngler but loved Cqrp Fishing in his teens and that passion has been reignited. We will all be back! Our son Ash has had 6 days in his happiest place, catching bi ....more



Had a wonderful week here thank to Paul and Susan. ....more



Fantastic Session, 5 carp off the surface over the course of the week. This is my 4th stay at Carp France Kingfisher Lake and I will be back for a 5th ....more

Willow Lake


I go to France two or three times a year and for me this was what I would call the full package, from the accommodation to the fishing it was top notch, even the supermarket was so near and easy to get to, I cant speak highly enough about the accommodation, all on one level with a lovely decked area ....more

Woody's Hooked in France


Fantastic holiday venue in such a nice location. All the hard work Simon has put in is clear to see. Will definitely be returning! ....more

Orchard Lake


First time on orchard but second time at the complex. What can I say, Epic weeks fishing once again. We only fished days and to be honest my arms really appreciated the rest. Weather was very hot and stormy at times but this didn’t put the fish off. Caught some great fish. Far too many to list them ....more

Woody's Hooked in France


Lovely lake and very easy to find. Very friendly and helpful owners Simon & Kyrsteen who cannot do enough for you when asked. Simons advice about the lake and how to fish it is invaluable so please pay attention! Simon and Kyrsteen bought my partner Sonia a birthday cake and made her an internet sen ....more

Lac du Val


Stunning venue and great hosts, fishing was fantastic even though the weather was changeable. ....more

Staceys Place


All my family had the most fun time. Seeing Wibly was a highlight. We really enjoyed the week, with BBQs fishing and all the other animals. We also enjoyed the swimming pool and Trampoline and Luke enjoyed practising football when he was not Fishing. Fran and Andy were excellent hosts. ....more

Woody's Hooked in France


What can I say ,...simply beautiful and idyllic surroundings met with a stunning head of prize fish all waiting to be had, The facilities are fantastic aswell from a fisherman’s lounge, on site tackle shop stocking all the important things to a delicious menu to choose from , Absolutely delighted ....more

Woody's Hooked in France


I fished from Friday afternoon till Tuesday morning although I was working on site during the days. The fishing was brilliant. ....more

Woody's Hooked in France


I fished from Friday afternoon till Tuesday morning although I was working on site during the days. The fishing was brilliant. ....more

Oakwood Fisheries


Where do i start this is our 4th trip to Oakwood Fisheries and definately our hardest week. The rain was torrential every day it put so much cold water in the lake we were up against it. But like always everything was spot on food was great check out the chicken and mushroom pie wow! fresh rolled b ....more

Oakwood Fisheries


A great place has it all, lake is a fantastic estate lake, fish are beautiful in very good condition, Food package is a must fantastic every night great facilities. Re booked ....more

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Woody's Hooked in France - Amazing week


 Les Montautiers is not always easy. However lasts weeks guests demonstrated that sometimes it can produce some amazing results!  46 fish were banked to 58lb and 3 personal bests were broken. Well done boys!    ....more

Orchard Lake - Discount Cancellation Week


 Fancy fishing the well-known and usually fully booked Orchard Lake? We have had a very short notice cancellation for 5/9/20. We are offering this week for £300 only which is 50% off. Exclusive lake use for big carp and cats, plus lakeside fully equipped cabin for two anglers or the smal ....more

Eagle Lake & Peters Pool - Over the Rainbow......


A lovely shot by George Nixon of a rainbow over Eagle Lake on the complex. Irish folklore has it that Fairies were said to have great wealth, and would often bury their treasures or pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. This led to the fable that the end of the rainbow contained riches that could ....more

Eagle Lake & Peters Pool - Variety is the spice of life....


A 41lb mirror for regular Steve Durrington from Eagle Lake week in a single night, plus a 23lb grassy, plus a 90lb Wels'.......... We still have a vacant week on Eagle and Peters for w/c 12/9/20 contact for details and booking.   ....more

Birch Lake - Great catch of Birch Lake carp!


 There have been some tidy anglers on the lakes already this season not least Dean Cook who had a great haul of carp from Birch Lake a couple of weeks ago - leaving aside his catfish captures. His best carp was a mirror of 37lbs 1ozs and a common of 35lbs and he had some other superb fish. ....more

Lac du Val - FIRST 50 POUNDER!!


 💥💥 BOOM 💥💥 Lac du Val produces its first 50 pounder of the season at ➡️ 54lb ⬅️ on the button. 💯✅🔥💚❤️💪🎣🎣🎣 A full post of yesterday’s highlights fishing the museum swim will be posted soon on our Facebook Page.  🟢🟢🎣🎣 Here’s a sneak preview!! ....more

Woody's Hooked in France - Taz lands a 50!


 A great start to a new week with a cracking common of 53 9. ....more

Woody's Hooked in France - A good week


 The week started slowly but a change to the recommended house bait and the boys had 19 fish. Some excellent angling.  ....more

Saint Amand Leisure - April


  Great weeks fishing with 72 carp between 2 anglers during our 1 st week. The biggest went 48lb 12oz with 2 other fish over 40lb and a shed load vof fish over the 30lb mark. ....more

Woody's Hooked in France - 64 08 for Phil.


 It's been a tough week for the boys with the lake fishing really slow. But as they say... The best things come to he who waits! Oddscale up in weight at 64 8. Smashed his Pb by 40lbs!! Good job Phil! Fish was caught on Premier bottom bait with a wicked whites topper. On a simple KD style r ....more



 So since we took ownership the lake has been fishing its socks off.  One week in September saw one angler Rob land 20 carp 5 of which were over 40lb. The same week saw Odd scale out at 62lbs. Personal bests have been beaten then beaten again... and again.   ....more

Etang des Landes


 New to….'Etang des Landes' An absolutely stunning new addition to the portfolio offering a beautiful 4.75 acre lake in the loire valley for exclusive use for up to 5 anglers. David and Tina will welc ....more

Christmas Message


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from What a fantastic year it's been, with record numbers of PB's being caught with results getting better and better as the season went on. This year saw the most amount of 60's and 70's being banked, well done to all those who managed their per ....more

So far so good


 It's been a mixed start to the season with some venues having the best start to a season they have ever had, namely Vallee Lake 1 with umpteen 50's and several 60's ( The weather has been unprecedented with the relentless cold weather. For many ....more

Changes to Facebook


So Facebook have been moving a few bits around, this means you won't always get to see our updates, and most importantly what's been banked at all our venues. If you don't want to miss out on our latest news, visit our facebook page and you will see a little cog in the top right hand corner (next t ....more