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Etang Tissier - Catch Report 27th April 2019


 Steve Marshall and his group had a fantastic week with a total of 65 fish, 3 x 40lbs and 27 30lbs! ....more

Woody's Hooked in France - 3 x Personal Bests


Last week saw 3 personal bests with a 48.8lb common carp, the best of the week for Adam as well as a 30lb plus grass carp. ....more

Eagle Lake & Peters Pool - Wayne on a Roll!


Evertonian Wayne Cheney from Swindon has had two personal bests towards the end of his session on the in-form Eagle Lake and Peters Pool. After a run of catfish Wayne had a carp of 34lbs then a pb Wels' of 76lb 9oz and followed that up with a new personal best mirror carp of 43lbs! Boilies from Hi ....more

Lac de Laneuville - Fantastic offer week at Lac de Laneuville!


  Save £300 for 7 nights at Lac de Laneuville from 31st August to 7th September 2019. To take advantage of this great offer for just £1450.00, book online or call us now!     ....more

Eagle Lake & Peters Pool - Crazy Twenty Minutes for Keith!


A madcap twenty minutes for Keith Lansley yesterday on Eagle and Peters with a 19lb mirror from Peter's Pool, a 66lb personal best Wels' from Eagle Lake which was quickly followed up with a 34lb mirror also from Eagle Lake.....phew! ....more

Saint Amand Leisure - April Action


Our 1st guests had a great weeks fishing with 72 carp between 2 anglers. The biggest went 48lb 12oz with 2 other fish over 40lb lots of fish over 30lb a 23lb Grassy and a 16lb Koi. Our 2nd week of guests from April which was this particular groups 4th visit to St Amand, had a good catch rate consid ....more

Oakwood Fisheries - Waiting for a 40lb plus common, now there coming along like buses!!!


The month of May has been a great month for big common carp at Oakwood Fisheries. We were waiting for our fish 40lb plus common this year as we had 6 commons pushing 40lb last season. With an intensive winter feeding program and planned lake management the month of May has seen 3 different commons ....more

Eagle Lake & Peters Pool - Bargain Offer Week for Eagle and Peters Pool


One of our regulars, Dan, has had to cancel his trip to Eagle and Peters for week commencing 27th July to 3rd August. So this week is now available! Two beautiful lakes to fish exclusively for three anglers or the small family with cabin accommodation with all mod cons. Eagle and Peters has alread ....more

Oakwood Fisheries - New Lake Record Common Carp 47lb 5oz


We currently have two 50lb plus carp, a mirror and a leather in our lake at Oakwood Fisheries as well as numerous 40lb fish all mirrors but last season the commons were getting close to the magical 40lb barrier having had quite a few different fish caught around 38-39lb mark. So this season with ou ....more


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Eagle Lake & Peters Pool


Fantastic weeks fishing, the best year we’ve had on here with catching 60 plus fish ....more

Willow Lake


Really nice venue but more for families or couples as the facilities and house were just not used enough by us,[ down to us.]. Personally I think 2 anglers is enough for this lake as there are only 2 ideal swims although there are 4 but that is only my personal thoughts albeit that said we had a goo ....more

Staceys Place


A lovely venue and extremely picturesque. The weather was quite kind to us as on the days it rained it was only in the mornings which still left us plenty of time for fishing. I got off to a flying start catching fish Sunday and Monday, my daughter, Charlotte however waited until Wednesday to get of ....more

Les Basses Berthieres


very comfortable gites in a peaceful location.Friendly owners and there is everything you need. ....more

Maison Verre


Lovely fresh accommodation finished to a great standard. Main lake fished well all week would like to see a Lilly pad or central feature though. ....more

Saint Amand Leisure


Superb lake, house and surroundings plus a very friendly and helpful bailiff. ....more

Saint Amand Leisure


This place is my small bit of paradise. Stunning lake, all to yourself with a cottage if you feel the need for a proper nights sleep. Fishing is amazing. But the best bit is the on site guide Christophe. He’s incredibly helpful and knowledgeable and I have got to know him well over the lasy couple ....more

Etang Cailleaux


The lake itself was very tidy, pegs were well laid out, wouldnt like to have anymore than 5 or 6 on though. ....more

Oakwood Fisheries


Five star hosts, beautiful lake in woodland, very happy all in all great trip! Food package is outstanding so much more than a food package excellent value for money. ....more

Oakwood Fisheries


Lovely estate lake with comfortable swims beautiful surroundings we all enjoyed it thank you for a lovely time and experience. Home from home cooking with different meals everyday of the week. Fantastic. We will return. ....more

Oakwood Fisheries


I have been fishing carp lakes in France for over 30 years and the food was the best ive ever had by far! Incredible place stunning lake offers the complete package gorgeous fish, wow food and fresh rolled bait on site. We have re booked for 2020 already! ....more

Oakwood Fisheries


The weather came good and so did the fishing. Biggest a immaculate common of 47lb 5oz will be a 50 very soon! Excellent food thank you Cheryl and thanks Dan we will be back for our fourth visit! ....more

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Forest Pool Exclusive with accommodation 06/10/2019 - 12/10/2019 - £150.00 off

Forest Pool Exclusive with accommodation 13/10/2019 - 19/10/2019 - £150.00 off

Birch Pool Retreat Exclusive with accommodation 06/07/2019 - 12/07/2019 - £250.00 off

Birch Pool Retreat Exclusive with accommodation 20/07/2019 - 26/07/2019 - £250.00 off

Birch Pool Retreat Exclusive with accommodation 31/08/2019 - 06/09/2019 - £250.00 off

Birch Pool Retreat Exclusive with accommodation 12/10/2019 - 18/10/2019 - £250.00 off

Lac Lucie Exclusive with accommodation 22/06/2019 - 06/07/2019 - £400.00 off

Lac Lucie Exclusive with accommodation 20/07/2019 - 27/07/2019 - £250.00 off

Lac de Laneuville Exclusive with accommodation 31/08/2019 - 06/09/2019 - £300.00 off


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Birch Lake - Birch Session by Alex Denzey


 A very wet few days on Birch but it didn't put us or the fish off. Fish were caught from all swims, carp mainly in the shallows and middle swim and the cats down in the snags at the deeper end. Plenty banked and a few lost. A PB cat of 45lb and PB Grassy of 26lb for Rachel. And a PB cat of 7 ....more

Lac du Val - 3x 40's In A Week


 Father and son duo Lee and Alfie, along with family friend Richard finished off their weeks holiday with a total of 35 fish on the bank, dropping another 13 along the way!!! These included a 40lb plus lump each for themselves, with Richard breaking his PB 4 times consecutively, but Alfie steal ....more

Lac du Val - Steve & Aidan Landed Their New PB's


 It's just getting better and better here at ➡️ “Lac du Val” ⬅️ for the anglers this season. New first time guests for us, Aidan Jones and Stephen Watson have banked a total of 19 fish between them. Aidan got off to a flying start, banking 4 fish in his first 24 hrs, and then sett ....more

Saint Amand Leisure - April


  Great weeks fishing with 72 carp between 2 anglers during our 1 st week. The biggest went 48lb 12oz with 2 other fish over 40lb and a shed load vof fish over the 30lb mark. ....more

Lac du Val - Broke PB 5x In A Week !!


 First time over to France, Terry Ali and partner Claire, along with a first time visit to Lac du Val, Dylan and partner Amy, nailed over 30 fish between themselves. Terry broke his PB on his first night and continued to do so another 4 times with his biggest going to a cracking mirror weighing ....more

Woody's Hooked in France - 64 08 for Phil.


 It's been a tough week for the boys with the lake fishing really slow. But as they say... The best things come to he who waits! Oddscale up in weight at 64 8. Smashed his Pb by 40lbs!! Good job Phil! Fish was caught on Premier bottom bait with a wicked whites topper. On a simple KD style r ....more

Woody's Hooked in France - Immaculate 56


Happy birthday Ryno Balcarres. What a way to celebrate with this stunning 56lb Pb common. After losing a big fish late into the night Ryno made the effort to redo his rods properly as he felt it had turned on after a slow couple of days. Ryno had created his own spot which he slowly fed with bai ....more

Etang Tissier - 6th April 2019


 43 fish 50.8lb common (lake record) 33lb grass carp 43lb mirror  27 fish over 30lb ....more

Woody's Hooked in France - Netting


 In December the lake was netted.  The results were amazing!  We removed tons of silvers and pike to improve the biomass.  The lake has an incredible stock with 2 known 60s and 25 plus 40s with the rest being mostly 30s and a few smaller but stunning scaley mirrors.   ....more



 So since we took ownership the lake has been fishing its socks off.  One week in September saw one angler Rob land 20 carp 5 of which were over 40lb. The same week saw Odd scale out at 62lbs. Personal bests have been beaten then beaten again... and again.   ....more

Etang des Landes


 New to….'Etang des Landes' An absolutely stunning new addition to the portfolio offering a beautiful 4.75 acre lake in the loire valley for exclusive use for up to 5 anglers. David and Tina will welc ....more

Christmas Message


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from What a fantastic year it's been, with record numbers of PB's being caught with results getting better and better as the season went on. This year saw the most amount of 60's and 70's being banked, well done to all those who managed their per ....more

So far so good


 It's been a mixed start to the season with some venues having the best start to a season they have ever had, namely Vallee Lake 1 with umpteen 50's and several 60's ( The weather has been unprecedented with the relentless cold weather. For many ....more

Changes to Facebook


So Facebook have been moving a few bits around, this means you won't always get to see our updates, and most importantly what's been banked at all our venues. If you don't want to miss out on our latest news, visit our facebook page and you will see a little cog in the top right hand corner (next t ....more